January 25, 2012

Working On The Road

This day was not too exceptional so, I went into the archives and assembled these two videos.
The first video represents two annual walks (two photo sets) to Greenwood Park in northern Broome county in 2010 and 2011;
it is an 17 mile walk so, 34 walking miles are represented in this vodeo.

The second video is in very late December 2009, two feet of snow had just melted into the Potomac River.
The sun is shining but, it is very cold. Fortunately, every location that I was present on was dry and without ice on the rocks; apparently, upwards of seven people drown here annually. I have my new walking shoes on and I am surefooted. I spent over five hours here on both sides of the river at Maryland and Virginia.

Some of the material that I am using is over two years old.