July 5, 2011

I Was Going To Arrive And Everyone Would Run To Me As I Was Getting Out Of My Car

  Truck driving has been most of my career as I love to drive and observe the world in front of me. Unfortunately, with my current employer of one year, I have no seniority. I agreed upon employment to fill in when needed.
I planned on being at my High School 25th Reunion as I had I ordered a ticket through Pay-Pal.
I certainly wanted to consume hot dogs; of course, I would take them off of the bun as I have been on a low-carbohydrate diet for several years.
I wouldn't flinch as I kept eating hotdogs and throwing the buns away; in fact, I thought I would have a rather nice night of diet coke and ten or more hot dogs off of the bun.
I knew several days in advance that I couldn't make it, but I thought that I should procrastinate in this mater until absolutely certain. As Friday evening reached the hour of 9:00PM, I was quite certain, as I was on my way to get in the shower and be at work in 1 hour.

I went to work feeling bad, as if I had let everyone down.
Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was going to arrive and everyone would run to me as I was getting out of my car, there would have been cheers and expectations of a impromptu statement regarding my appreciation for everyone's presence at this occasion.
I envisioned my entrance into the pavilion as one of a heartfelt warmth and then, I would look toward the end of the room and, I would see a woman that I never knew and her eyes would meet mine as I walked toward her. She would have landed in my arms as the alumni moved tables away in a symmetrical manor so as to present us to everyone as we danced slowly into the night.
Instead, I drove a truck through the night well into the early morning.

It came and went; As I am at home tonight, I sit back in my chair at my desk and, I acknowledge that the only reason that I have a office at home is because I live alone with a second room. I don't think I am rich, I don't think I am poor, I do believe that I will survive many more years.

I look forward to some point in time, seeing all of you.

Matthew P. Klimek