June 28, 2012

Somewhere Near A Far Place

I do try to make the most of my time, I am realizing that I can achieve much more with the computer in as I continue take photographs and record video.
It is good to be somewhat knowledgeable in any area of interest, I like popular music after World War II.
I can only practice with musical instruments and hope that in time, my performance and compositions will improve. Poor performance did not stop me from creating the video at the very bottom of this post.

'I Want You' recorded by Bob Dylan in 1967

-performance and compositions will improve-

'Always Thinking About It' recorded by MPK in 2012

June 27, 2012

I Put It Together Alone

Cooler temperatures, a larger and more efficient SD card in my camera; these all make a difference.
If I really work with the camera, the potential photograph yield can be greater than ever before.

'Tangerine' recorded by Led Zeppelin in 1970

'You Stole My Love' recorded by The Yardbirds in 1966

'Waterloo Sunset' recorded by The Kinks in 1967

'Working Class Hero' recorded by John Lennon in 1970

-photograph yield can be greater than ever before-

June 25, 2012

Lonely Boy

The weekend came and went, I was especially pleased to be outside on Saturday.
My all time highest number of uploaded photographs from a single continuous photo shoot has been 450 photographs,
it is now 512 photographs.

'Lonely Boy' recorded by The Black Keys in 2011

I worked on one video as I decided what to apply to another video that would have only some variations from the other.
I often enjoy assembling video clips into a larger project; many, many adjustments are made to complete the video.

'Lonely Boy' recorded by Paul Anka in 1962

The weekend weather was amongst the most pleasant in recent memory.
I really enjoy high photograph yields, I will try to capture as many images as I can during the pleasant days and, I will take a few photographs during the other days.
This wraps up the weekend blog, I hope everyone has a great week ahead.

June 23, 2012

I Wasn't Going To Do..........

 I wasn't going to do anything with the blog for a few days, I was very busy on Friday and I have a wedding reception to be at on Saturday.
I was very tired and fell into a deep sleep on Friday evening, somewhere around 02:00 Saturday morning, I realized that I could not lay in bed any longer.

 I was playing with a 1969 song by the Blue Cheer titled 'When It All Gets Old'.
I didn't have any new footage to work with but, I thought I could throw something together with photographs.
As I played the video timeline back, I didn't want much to do with the final result.
I striped everything down and tried to make the entire effect sad and nostalgic.

'A Little Bitty Tear' recorded by Burl Ives in 1961

 I don't know if I could feel any farther away from what is in front of me.
Forced air strikes my flesh and the bright light of the monitor saturates the exposed areas from the darkenss.
I am spiritually sore, although I am not devoid of promise, I see little else in front of me other than rows of the same houses as observed from the same angle.
I have never been  appreciative of isolationism and yet, I define it on a grand scale.
I write of it day by day, it is documented in my photographs and videos; an entire life displayed without human content.

 Construction, maintenance and, archiving of materials are continuously achieved in a recognizable manor onto others. My human form cries to achieve the very essence continuation.
I suppose I should not be surprised that in the last six months my life has dumped itself onto and throughout the planed earth.

 I sometimes am surprised after I have written strongly about  my expectations and, I later observe that the topic of discussion has all but significantly diminished.
I have flung the icing, cake, utensils, plates, table top, chairs and, the overhead lighting;
it almost seems as if though, everyone was eating frozen ice cream on a stick and they were annoyed that there was such an uproar over the cheap store bought cake that they had all walked by previously.

The topic of discussion has all but significantly diminished.

June 22, 2012

Thursday In New York

I am starting to realize that walking in the evening can result in some stunning sunsets,
I am very pleased with these results.

'Well, All Right' recorded by Buddy Holly in 1958

June 21, 2012

The Solstice

Today was the solstice it was the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.
Unfortunately, it was the hottest, most humid and, miserable day so far this year.
I didn't even try to go outside walking until 18:30; it proved to be a rather comfortable evening walk.

Inasmuch as I contemplate many eventful and hopefully constructive strategies throughout life,
I do relish the concept of 'going with the flow', I must be certain that I am standing in the stream of life that will carry me.
Realistically, there are not always too many streams to chose from.
I don't want to spend my life in a puddle that will dry up and leave my feet on very hot pavement.
The days will now shorten and, I will be careful.
I know in my heart that I am saying that I will stop for more streams along the way;
it is so very important to be able to observe these 'streams' along the way.

'Fade Away' recorded by Rick Nelson in 1975

It is so very important to be able to observe these 'streams' along the way.

June 20, 2012

Humid Hell Away From The Water of My Dreams

Lately, I have been concerned with several issues that significantly affect my existence and future.
While complementing weigh-some situations,
I will stop everything and go jump in the creek.
It is simply not worth it to exist out of fear or submission of mediocrity toward diminishing standards.
'Wishing You Were Here' recorded by Chicago in 1974

I realize that the video in the last blog entry was a bit more vivid however, I am proud of the cinematography and my willingness to throw everything aside and nurture my soul in the water of the high land.

A River Runs Through It

There is a point in time in which one cannot continue.
There is a scenic splendor of land and water that strikes the soul so richly.
I am compelled beyond refrain, I must immerse myself in this water.
I stand observant of the water before me as I throw my garments to the side and quench my soul in the stream of nourishing water that washes away the heat of life's challenges.
I am rejuvenated, I am cleansed of the worries that can only distort the truthful projection of life.
I will continue in my endeavor as I am refreshed and spiritually fed.

I do not intend to offend anyone.
To be immersed in this water is better than the hours of many of my days. 

June 18, 2012

Cold Winds Can't Blow In The Heat

There are days in which the earth seems to move so very slowly as the sky rattles the surface in a perpetual rotation of strong wind.
I sit at my desk staring at documents that I have no interest in reviewing as I must compile a summarisation.
Stagnation after hours of searing overviews of splendidly inadequate insight has become rigor mortises without continuation.
I deviate from my applied activity and stare at a Facebook profile of a woman that I once sent a friend request to, she is busy elsewhere and I am gearing up for the fight of my life no where near her.
The church is empty, people stay away from dimly lit idealogy.
The newspaper is seldom seen in print.
The wind continues to blow and I see elsewhere that the grass is greener only during the first and last hours of  sunlight.
Every road, every river, all of the time; I wish I knew people in the places that I strive to observe, I would learn not to hurry home, I would 'fervently abandon that of which symbolizes the achievements of others.
I would stand high above and watch the waters swirl and churn as the edges of the valleys slowly receded into the thick brown waters.
At some time in the aftermath, I would walk along the new shores in my bare feet and point and speak of the partially submersed objects of conquest that were transformed in the new earth; it's not really a new earth, it is just that for so many people, it is their first time to bat at proclaiming a deity as their transformation to tatters.

'You'll Find Her Name Written There' recorded by Jim Lauderdale & Ralph Stanley in 2002

She is busy elsewhere and I am gearing up for the fight of my life no where near her.

June 14, 2012

From Where and How?

'Remember a Day' recorded by Pink Floyd in 1968

 I have been trying to address some of my concerns as larger issues that will be subject to greater review amongst others.
The first thing that I realize is that I can talk in public and talk to people personally but, I cannot record a video discussing any matter of  compassionate feeling without using harsher language than most people expect.
Between the press and the church, new ground is being broken, stomped on and, pissed on.
I really did contact the senator; he told me that he believed that an employer can hire people as they wish to.
I completely understand that political/legal strategy is comparable to any organizational activity but, I don't like comming head to head with some people in a difference of opinion.
I have seen business practices that absolutely eliminate a persons chance of succeeding in the work place.
In the one page, I said that it is time to fight.
It is time to fight; its called a keyboard and it shoots better than any gun ever could.
I may not win this battle against the press, I may not win this battle against the church but, I will address policy development, I will identify grave oversight that has victimized innocent people.

I am proud to be an American, I am proud of my big mouth and, I intend to use it very much in the immediate future of abusive churches and businesses.
Somewhere between the fear of God and the fear of economic demise, there is a sizable number of misinformed and non-functional and stupid people.
The bottom line is that if you see someone being unfairly treated whither by church or business, it is your responsibility an an American to identify, quantify and formulate a solution.

 Our  Declaration of Independence includes the following:
"That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men,
deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,
That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends,
it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,
laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

Don't allow that broken and horrifically stalled American economy to scare you. 
Let this be the time to demand reform of  American business laws.
We have several very poorly managed large companies in the United States at this time; the only way to establish a fair regulatory environment is to establish it ourselves.

2012-06-12 Woodchucks Are Astoundingly Unobservant:
 As the woodchuck started to walk toward me, I had to look over the camera to determine that it was only five feet from me. Of all the creatures that I have observed, woodchucks are the most clumsy and unobservant. I have startled woodchucks and watched them roll down entire embankments and, I have also seen them just sit there and quiver as I stood over them. Although they are not to be handled, they have a rather pleasant attitude about their work.

-compassionate feeling-
 -harsher language-
-most people expect...-

June 11, 2012

Weakend - Strongend

Such a thing that is described as reality is that I did get outside on the weekend and took a reasonable number of photographs.
Sunday was a rather humid and hot afternoon. As I was walking up a steep hill on a dirt road named Teeter Road, I heard a few branches snapping that yielded to a loud torrent of bustling branches.
I observed some disturbance in the trees just off of the desolate roadway.
This is what an encounter with a bear sounds like.
I was very concerned as I immediately turned and walked toward the bottom of the hill; my objective was to increase the distance between the bear and myself so if the bear ran out into the road, it would have more of an area to leave me alone. There is a concern that the bear could not be fully aware of my exact position and run in front of me; bears have sharp claws and teeth, they only need to swipe at a person to immobilize them.
Fortunately, the bear ran the other way. I made as much noise as I could as I walked up the hill.
I don't want this creature to start to challenge me by running partially around me just to see if it can; that represents the beginning of the end as it will increase its presence over time.

'Harvest' recorded by Neil Young in 1972

'Uncle John's Band' recorded by the Grateful Dead in 1970

-I made as much noise as I could-

June 7, 2012

Lake of Fire: Two

So, this wraps up the last week or so of unpublished photos and videos.
I will not use as much of the SOHO data for the upcoming videos although, it  does render a rather striking effect.
There will be more to come.

'Lake of Fire' recorded by the Meat Puppets in 1994

 There will be more.