June 29, 2014

A Made Up Song That Makes Me Wonder.......

What a hard working day.
  Hour after hour of offloading product with a handcart left me uncertain and tired as the schedule was over two hours behind.
I did my best to keep the pace moving but, I see that I am more interested in driving as compared to manual labor.
The trade-off is that most truck driving jobs do not result in much home time; not in the Binghamton, NY area.
  I arrived at the motel in Manassas at about 13:30, I spent one hour in the outdoor pool as the sunlight saturated my body with warmth that was so soothing in and out of the bright cool water.
I decided to walk about one mile to a Thai Restaurant and order take out food for dinner.
So, I now walk around Manassas without a shirt too; I felt pretty good after being in the pool, there was a continuous breeze that was much appreciated in the 80+ degree F temperature.
At the restaurant, I didn't know what to order.
I finally ordered fried rice and a ginger chicken dish with five shrimp rolls.
The order came to $27.oo, I paid it as I sat there waiting for my food.
I decided that I was going to eat a meal and that I would enjoy it regardless; there is a McDonalds across the street anyhow, I can always order a few McDoubles, I eat them without the bread.
  Within 15 minutes, I was walking back to the motel, I took my shirt off after leaving the restaurant. 
As I walked along the busy road (VA State Route 234 Business), I was offered a ride, I politely declined.
I did have to switch arms to carry the food, it weighed over 5 pounds.
Overall, the character of the food was lighter than Chinese food but with more character in the flavor.
I ate a large meal and went to bed and ate a generous serving of leftovers later.

 Late Evening in Manassas

The Afternoon, The Day Before in Endicott.

 We were two stupid kids that knew only one day after another.
Two stupid kids that never got it right.

Don't you know, I think it shows.
Don't you know, I think it shows.
Don't you know, I think it shows.

Once while having an intense discussion about Albert Hofmann while standing in Owego Creek, she turned to me and confided that she was turning into a mermaid.

Don't you know, I think it shows.
Don't you know, I think it shows.
Don't you know, I think it shows.

I knew where to go; I took her to the emergency entrance of the Tunison Fish Lab along State Route 13.

Don't you know, I think it shows.
Don't you know, I think it shows.
Don't you know, I think it shows.

They shrugged their shoulders and said maybe she was in contact with an 'electric' eel?

Don't you know, I think it shows.
Don't you know, I think it shows.
Don't you know, I think it shows.
Don't you know, I think it shows.
Don't you know, I think it shows.

'Fish Lab'
 From the album:
Open Sores for People That Love One Another Too Much (2013-02)

 I wrote 'Fish Lab' in early 2013.
Along NY State Route 13 in Cortland County, NY,
there once was a official green and white directional sign for the Tunison Fish Lab.
It amused me to no limit to think of someone driving up and down state route 13 looking for the fish lab.
I thought about someone frantic with a large cooler in the back of the vehicle
containing a unidentified aquatic creature.

The fish lab sign is no longer there,
the laboratory has been renamed;
I cant locate the name however,
it is at 3075 Gracie Rd, Cortland, NY 13045.

I most sincerely hope that my song had nothing to do with the renaming of the Tunison Fish Lab.
Of course.....
the song is not true, they don't have an emergency entrance.

June 26, 2014

Older Without A Shadow

An unexpected additional day of travel reveals rabbits humping 
(I didn't capture it with the camera).

 'Older Without A Shadow'
 From the album:
Winter Bound (2013-12)

I ran out of truck driving hours.
I am going to bed and will start early in the morning.

June 25, 2014

As The Gentle Hours Pass By

The hours run past the ambitions of the day;
there is no time left to drive in a hot and yet, very comfortable Manassas afternoon.
A shower washes away hours of grime as I shall take time to go about and eat dinner nearby.
Several large cups of coffee to take with me on the fly.
As I retire at the end of a long day, I cannot deny, it's all worth it to try.


 'Tunnel of Light'

 'The Uninhibited Corridor'
 From the album:
-Summer Projects- (2013-08)

To my surprise, as I checked the MPK Hulkshare page (Netherlands),
I saw that 'The Uninhibited Corridor' had 1,337 plays.
I am making plans to update the page with more recent material.

June 21, 2014

Sunlight In The Field

Walking in silhouette is something of a theme that can be exemplified through music.

 I remember walking down the street, standing, standing on my own two feet.
The sky was blue and I loved you.

'I Remember...'
From the album:
Fluff Town With A Sticky Iron (2013-04)

'Reminder of a Reprise'
From the album:
Fluff Town With A Sticky Iron (2013-04)

 Look at me here, the sun's shining near.
Full of fear is the reaction from someone never near.

Do I care? Never seems to be the question from anyone over here.
Will I dear, answer you only with words of truth?

It seems so long, time is always moving on.
Now you're gone, I'll keep moving on.

If you see that of which you may stand by me,
I'll treat it as reality.

'Warm Light From The Sky On My Shoulders'
From the album:
XII (TWELVE) (2013-05)

What does it mean to be number 8 locally?
Mostly, you need to upload your song.
The rest happens by default.


June 18, 2014

Driving and Wanting

The sun in the sky beats down on me to the satisfaction of moving about in a living world.
Down here in Manassas, it's in the 90's and it feels good to be outside.

 'Ballad of The Maple Six In A Box'

The Light

 'Hard To Fade'
From the album:
Summers Lost Warmth (2013-10)

Of several local species of Horse-fly in upstate New York,
this one has a very uncomfortable bite.
I had hit the fly and knocked it to the pavement.

'Straighten It Out'
From the album:
Summers Lost Warmth (2013-10)

I'll finish the EP later.

June 14, 2014

Roadside Garden

A very comfortable Saturday in Manassas, Virginia.
The bigger thing of whats in the name is that this is Manassas, one of the best record albums of the 1970's.
As I find myself singing 'Colorado', 'So Begins the Task' and 'The Treasure (Take One)', I wonder if anyone in Mannassas, VA does too?
A far as I can see, everyone is Hispanic and we all eat at Chipotle.

'Roadside Garden’

The Cross Process

'Roadside Garden' is performed
on a H√∂fner Shorty Travel guitar.

Systematic Intrusion (Homecoming)

Thanks to Microsoft Paint, idle art is a reality.

June 11, 2014

Something New

Attended West Corners Baptist Church
Years active: 1988 - 2009 (Removed)

Something New:
The 5th American Beatles album
Recorded: 1964

There was a time when my life consisted of a church environment and a parallel activity centered in music.
That separation no longer exists. 


 There was a girl in my church something new.
I felt in my heart something true.
I knew that time would be something to do.

After several months, she said she had plans.
The fire in my heart burned for many years.
Every word that I spoke to her resulted in distress.
The church grew smaller by each year.

Time left me not knowing what to do.
Don't act so blue, God has plenty for you.
There's never a reason not to care; the Holy Spirit is in the air.

The pastor fucked up and died.
Past time will never lay by his side.
I'm the fool with my arms opened wide.

The church was built for nothing new; It was only a selfish plan not to tell.
Every day I wake up and wonder why?

'Lonely Years'

I was 23 years old.
I would look across a valley and see the mountains as I drove,
my objective was determined by sight.
I was and I am he who conquerors by understanding that of which I may be transcended.

IBM was something unspoken, large and, the great source of my crucifixion.
Blood never did flow from the body of my shattered soul.
The sky became indistinguishable from night as day.

~A narrative account of 1990~

June 7, 2014

Around By The Seasons

It's a nice time of year.
The work that I perform is more along the line of 'time sensitive' as compared to continuous hard manual labor.
As a truck driver, I can operate for 14 hours; with this job, it really is a challenge.

View from a hotel in Manassas, Virginia.

‘Social Media Request‘

I'm working on a EP (Extended Play) titled 'Monday Blue'
I want something different totaling about 20 minutes in length;
Or something.
The EP's usually come out quickly, I am thinking about a album by
Cerro Cockworm and The Batter.

A Walk Last Friday

‘I Stayed Alone Without You in the Hot Sun Around The Seasons’

Standing in a meadow with the morning dew on my shoes is so ongoing of the times that I have loved you.
The sky’s tumble around by the seasons as my heart circles the years with refrain.
Whenever I was with you, I stood where the water flowed.

Around and Around

June 4, 2014

I Woke Up

The long walk that eventually glides along a gentle meadow is a occurrence in my life that I strive to achieve.
Somewhere long beyond the hill, the long day and night of truck driving and off loading product is a occurrence that results staying elsewhere.
I am now elsewhere, the accommodations are comfortable, there is enough time to rest.
I endlessly eat at Chipolte, I am granted $23.oo each overnight trip for meals; we receive it regardless of whether we actually spend it or not. Somehow, I'm not too inhibited to spend it on food.

 ‘Down Here’
The Voorholes

I woke up in the early evening, I went out in the rain to get coffee, I took a few pictures along the way.
As the rain poured down on me and I wiped the water from my face with the hand that wasn't holding the coffee, I decided to walk up the road to order another burrito from Chipolte.
I was drenched in water as I stood in line, I carried the food back to the hotel and ate the second meal of the day.
When I get home, a series of long walks will do me well.

 ‘Time Is Blue About You’
The Voorholes

Older and farther from home isn't a serious problem but, it's lonely.
I have had all of the artistic leeway and space to produce anything I could think of.
Mostly, it is simply lonely without anyone true to lean on.

 ‘Words Can’t Touch You’
The Voorholes

Truck  Driver Mentality 
doesn't really back down to anything, 
everything shifts in a non-fulfilling manor to the side.