April 30, 2012

Fighting For Another Week Of Variety

Although I have taken two days of photographs, I didn't see any purpose in adding them to the video content.
I managed to acquire some clips around the village as I went for a short walk.
Everything on today's blog entry is mostly based on the weekend.

April 26, 2012

Somewhere Over Here

As I sit here, I see the work that I have done in producing these videos.
It is a somewhat different departure from the music that I usually select but,
it has more feeling to it.

'I Just Want You' recorded by Ozzy Osbourne in 1995

(2012-04-26) Somewhere Over Here

a somewhat different departure

'Good Love Child' recorded by Barclay James Harvest in 1970

'Surfin' Bird' recorded by The Trashmen in 1965

This is a rather interesting live recording as the house band is quite good.
I was waiting at a red signal light the other day and,
in some ways,
it is similar here; soon,
the light turns green and, everything starts moving. 

April 25, 2012

Over The River

 one can be grateful for a situation that occurs.
It is possible to acquire much as one welcomes the opportunity to do so.
I will not act as if I have not been outside for a while; I am simply grateful to have been outside.

'Loser' recorded by 3 Doors Down in 2000

'Kryptonite' recorded by 3 Doors Down in 2000

simply grateful

April 23, 2012

Cherry Red

  this is a similar day to Sunday.
I tried to photograph the red pine cones in greater detail but, it was only minimally successful.

'Cherry Red' recorded by The Groundhogs in 1971

(2012-04-23) Cherry Red

-it was only minimally successful-

Constructive Activities

Considering that is has been a cold, overcast and, raining Sunday,
it was rather productive.
I did get outside for several hours and,
I observed red pine cones for the first time;
they were not too well photographed but, I will try again soon.

I spent time thinking about what I had on hand to insert into the George Harrison videos.
I did develop some different content, now everyone can see that my office is fully a mess.

'What Is Life' recorded by George Harrison in 1970

'All I Really Want to Do' recorded by The Byrds in 1965

'Take My Word' recorded by Willie Nelson in 1962

April 21, 2012

Reduced Hours In Setting (Abandoned Power Plant)

I had to work during this pleasantly bright warm Friday.
After work, I went to the Susquehanna river at the AES Westover Generation Plant.
The power plant is abandoned however, this is one of the more scenic locations in the immediate area.
I arrived at about 18:40 and, I was able to work both sides of the river; the sunset occurred on the Westover (power plant) side of the river.
At this time, the Susquehanna River is at a all time low water level since 1910.
Although, the river is always to be considered dangerous, I did enjoy being up close to the running water as I photographed it.
The rail road bridge in the photographs is also abandoned.
Indeed, this is a sizable amount of infrastructure to walk away from!
The generating stations (power plants) at Big Flats, NY and Bainbridge, NY have also been abandoned.
Some attempt is made to describe them as inactive with the potential of being restored if needed.

'Warm Self Sacrifice' recorded by Emitt Rhodes in 1973

When I was about eleven years old, I lived on Grand Island, NY.
Technically, we lived closer to the city of Niagara Falls, NY than the city of Buffalo, NY.
My family was not wealthy by any means of the imagination but, we sometimes had a small amount of money to spend here and there.
Over on Military Road in Niagara Falls, a department store was going out of business and there was a very large tent sale in the parking lot.
The area of interest that occupied well over one hour of my time was,
 a large assortment of many thousands of LP's.
The price was right at 12 for $1.oo.
Mom bought me $5.oo of LP's!

 Farewell to Paradise (1973) by Emitt Rhodes
was one of the dozens of LP's that I brought home and discovered.
Basically, the albums were the 'not as popular' inventory.
Fundamentally, I embarked on a excursion that would broaden my musical horizons.

Today, on this Friday, I finally applied imagery to the song
'Warm Self Sacrifice'.
It is now 34 years since I first heard this song.

"a excursion that would broaden my musical horizons"

April 20, 2012

Everyone Is Something To Someone At Sometime

I was working on this blog well into Friday morning,
I had to postpone the completion of this until later Friday evening.
The passing of Dick Clark (1929-2012)
is reflected by some of the introduction that he wrote in 1996 for
the Connie Francis  CD Box Set 'Souvenirs'.

'Duncan' recorded by Paul Simon in 1974

April 19, 2012

The Drinkin' Gourd

This Wednesday came in went in various shades of realization that identify my existence.
I drove a truck, walked the distance and, I made dinner.

'Out Where the Hills' recorded by Seatrain in 1970
This album 'Seatrain' is produced by Geogre Martin.

'The Drinkin' Gourd' recorded by The New Christy Minstrels in 1963

 This video is dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of
The West Corners Baptist Church

I drove a truck, walked the distance and, I made dinner.

April 18, 2012

The Overall Thought.....................

I was just thinking about how to tie these two issues together.
It probably goes without saying that it has been a highly difficult experience.

'Help is on the Way' recorded by Bloodrock in 1972

'Before the Kiss, a Redcap' recorded by the Blue Öyster Cult into 1972

It probably goes without saying that it has been a highly difficult experience.

April 16, 2012

.....After The Weekend

I never really thought that I would be going up against Gannett Company.
I now realize that this company is not going to achieve any meaningful results in the 21st century, the reality is that anyone with a blog page can significantly contribute to the media on a global basis.
The situation has deteriorated at the Gannett Central New York facility.

'Ain't No Sunshine' recorded by Bill Withers in 1971

'Too Much Of Nothing' recorded by UFO in 1975

'Poor Little Girl' recorded by George Harrison in 1989

The situation has deteriorated at the Gannett Central New York facility.

April 14, 2012

.....Into The Weekend

So....it is a early Saturday morning,
 I have slept for a few hours, I will sleep a few hours more after I post this entry.
I do like the two music videos, both of them have good starts.
There should be reasonably good weather for the weekend, I hope to be out and about with a camera.
A very good weekend to all!!

April 12, 2012

Evening in Endicott, NY

I started off rather late in the day but, 
I was able to obtain a fair amount of material and work with it in a piecemeal manor.
The more useful sunlight of the evening lasts only about 45 minutes; I was able to use some of it with good results.

'Loneliness' recorded by Grand Funk Railroad in 1971

April 11, 2012

Today Is Tuesday

I was able to get out for a few hours today although, it was colder than I had expected.
I took only a few photographs as I was far more concerned with exertion to sustain body temperature.

'Bird Song' recorded by The Holy Modal Rounders in 1968
 This song was played in part in the 1969 movie 'Easy Rider'.

 (2012-04-10) Stay In Bed or Walk?

 I was far more concerned with exertion to sustain body temperature.

April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

It was such a pleasant Easter Sunday.
I enjoyed dinner with my mother and two of my uncles.
I walked over to my moms house and, along the way, I stopped at the creek and took quite a few bright photographs with blue water that was cold to the touch.
I arrived at dinner just on time without more than two minutes to spare.

'I Can't Make It' recorded by the Small Faces in 1967

(2012-04-08) Easter with The Children of Esther Newton Greene.
Linda Pfannenschmidt (my mother), Mel Greene, Denny Greene
They are three of seven children of Esther Newton Greene (1917-2008), Grandchildren of Charles Milton Newton (1892-1982)