January 5, 2012

Sometimes, a sip out of a cup is one less wasted thought.

 I am sure that most of you know that there are bad days and then there are bad days; the difference being my head in my hands in the later of the two.
Today is a head in my hands day.
I am one of those people that will decide what I like and plan every aspect of it as thoroughly as I am capable of doing so.
It is not that this story has such a great punch line, it is that it just sucks.
I am 44 years old very soon to be 45 years; I cant help but to notice that I am not married.
Since I am not gay and I am attracted to women. I have tried to meet women in any environment including the community college. Nothing occurred at school and, I can now use some recording software with a ear toward the final mix.
Anyhow, there was one woman that I encountered in a non-school environment and I started to like her.
That wasn't reasonable so I will close this entirely pointless writing by saying that I am tired, I have driven far over mountains, I have seen waters that I hoped would carry me through great valleys.

I have stoped for coffee and listened to a news show on public radio as I stared through the windshield and looked straight ahead at the frozen snow as the wind blew it across the parking lot. Sometimes, a sip out of a cup is one less wasted thought.

'Down And Out Man' recorded by Bachman–Turner Overdrive in 1973