January 24, 2013

A Different Light Onto All

 'Hospital' recorded by The Modern Lovers in 1971

Wow, a different light onto all is not at all what I thought I would be working on.
There are several critical issues that I am in the precess of  developing formal presentations to clarify and establish my perspective of.
Sometimes, I just can't believe the shit that I have to address onto all.
Regardless, what needs to be said will be said.
This is a good time to stretch outward and point to the 
by the way of the ever increasing circumference of my activities.


'A Seldom Heard of Day in which Lucy McGillicuddy 
was Tired and Called Ricky Ricardo's Uncle a 
"Jesucristo Muther Cojida Pig"'
MPK 2013

January 23, 2013

Batteries that Cannot and Will Not Survive the Test of Time

'Funny Girl Tell Me Why' recorded by MPK in 2013

On a very cold winter night, I cannot think of much of anything to compose with a guitar on my lap.

-I was thinking about people that never loved me and those that did and wished they never knew me because I didn't love them.
-I was thinking about the cold wind and the places that I wanted to see through the cold, cold wind.
-I was thinking about the chain (a few minimal links) of events that brought me to this chapter of my life as it is represented by a few photographs and a assortment of absolutely no-one's favorite recordings.
-I thought about waters that flowed as I made sure that I was standing there too; 
there was not a bridge too far.

Batteries that cannot and will not survive the test of time.

 'Little Black Submarines' recorded by The Black Keys in 2011

This chapter of my life is simply a few years on from the last chapter.
I mostly miss the water as it flowed from the mountains.
I have thought about an ambitious day trip to the Kaaterskill Falls,
I would try to tie it in with a visit to a relative if I do travel over there.