July 26, 2012

Caught in the Storm

 The weather report did state that there was a strong probability of a severe thunderstorm.
At 13:30, I decided that the sun was shining and the humidity would only decrease in the event of a rain storm.
As I walked up Boswell Hill from the town of Maine side, I realized that I was walking into a huge thunderstorm at a right angle.
I was so annoyed at my self for arriving at the highest elevation as the storm glided very close overhead.
The wind wasn't a problem although, it was a very different situation down in the valley.
The problem was the lighting, it was far too close.
Anyhow, I am glad that the temperature did not drop significantly, in the past, I have ended up standing in the shower with my hands clasped under the shower nozzle.
Today, I did not enjoy the spectacular color of the sky just before the storm hit, I did feel concern about the electrical discharge that at times seemed to occur everywhere.

'Indian World' recorded by Blackfoot in 1975

Caught in the Storm

Useful Purposes For A Railing

I was very glad to get outside on Wednesday, I hadn't walked at all during the week.
I usually try to take a few video clips with the intention of using them in a video at a later time.
Another one of my childhood favorites is 'Strange Kind of Woman' recorded by Deep Purple in 1971.
I have had a copy of Fireball since I was young in the third grade.
The railing provided a useful effect to the video.

'Strange Kind of Woman' recorded by Deep Purple in 1971

'Too Young To Know' recorded by UFO in 1974

-glad to get outside-

In Need of Rain

If rain does not occur, the streams will recede and growth will decrease.
That is how it is at this time.
We need rain.

'Like a Hurricane' recorded by Neil Young in 1977

We need rain.

A Few Days Apart

The quickest walk on Thursday was a trip to the health-food store.
My one pound of whole nutmeg has arrived.
It was a lazy Thursday, I decided to grab the camera and walk all of three blocks to the store.
Usually, I can acquire enough material to use it in some type of production.

'Lady in Black' recorded by Uriah Heep in 1971

-grab the camera-

July 22, 2012

A Hard Sunday Rain Will Fall

A Sunday ago,
 I didn't write anything.
A Sunday today,  I put my way.
Sunday, Monday and, five more days, drive me into a continuous haze.

(2012-07-17) The Last Light

Sunday, Monday and, five more days

Mostly.... It Flows Without Me

Mostly.... it flows without me, that is the only way that I thought of to describe places and events.

'Don't Let Me Down' recorded by the Jefferson Airplane in 1967

'Broken World' recorded by MPK in 2012

-It looks good in print-

July 20, 2012

Christ Man

I really like the song,
I have a good 'got off the ground' feeling about this recording.
This is my 'type' of music but, I know other songs!!

-Christ Man tell me what you believe.-
-Christ Man tell me what you perceive.-
-Christ Man tell me what you will weave.-
-Christ Man tell me why you tell me I have to leave.-

MPK 2012

Where does the time go to?
Sometimes, I am impressed with historical recollection of the church.
Since this is the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the church, 
I composed a piece that I can live with. 
I think it is the one of the best recordings that I ever produced.
I must say, my musical compositional preferences are 
Native American; it is in the bloodline.

Native American; it is in the bloodline.

July 13, 2012

Wednesday Choices

I did enjoy a rather pleasant Wednesday evening walk.
The sunset is preferred after I have been exposed to bright hot and humid conditions; the last hours of the day become cool and tolerable.

'Uncle Elijah' recorded by the Black Oak Arkansas in 1971

'Cryin' Shame' recorded by the Black Oak Arkansas in 1975

-the last hours of the day become cool and tolerable-

Churning Sands Throughout Time

As the water churns, the small stones and rocks erode to produce sand and mud; I like the sand much more as my feet walk over it as compared to squishing in the mud.
My observations along the shore of Schoharie creek are mild.

The devastation of Hurricane Irene in 2011 is a stunning impact beyond words. At the locations that I have taken photographs, the creek bed has been washed clean, the rocks in the steam are completely devoid of mud.
By the same force of water, the village of  Prattsville, New York is in a continuous state of reconstruction, every building along the main street of New York State Route 23 in Prattsville has been gravely compromised; there are no longer front porches attached to the houses.

 'Always See Your Face' recorded by Love in 1969

 -there are no longer front porches attached to the houses-

Consequence: Popular Songs About

As it has been a hot week and I have walked and traveled throughout the area, I threw a few videos together about heroin addiction.
It is possible to have commercially successful songs about people that are destroying themselves.
The situation with these videos is that the music is some of my all time favorite, it sounds really good; it is only that the people depicted in these songs are not going to live very long.
Myself, I eat a few whole nutmegs, drink strong coffee and, have enough sense to get out of the house and walk a few miles.
I hope these videos don't strike a few nerves about anyone's experiences in life; only the very hardest road to recovery would lead anyone out of here.

'Signed D.C.' recorded by Love in 1966

 -enough sense to get out of the house-

July 7, 2012

Seriously Working The Short Road of Little Variety

After the fourth of July, there is the 5th of July; no-one seems to think as much of it.
Due to the depleted inventories of small explosives that are continuously used from July 2nd through the 4th, explosions are somewhat uncommon on the 5th.
I didn't do much at all on the 4th, I was grateful to be in good enough health to go for a walk and take a few photographs. 
Whatever I thought that I may be in life at 45 years of age does exist, it just doesn't connect very well at times.

'Downbound Train' recorded by The Smithereens in 1997

 'Short Road of Little Variety' recorded by MPK in 2012

Whatever I thought that I may be in life at 45 years of age..........

July 6, 2012

The Fourth of July

Two Hundred and Thirty Six years later and, the things I can say!
I am grateful to live in a nation that enables me to uphold my perspective in all maters.
More than ever, I appreciate my rights to not only uphold my choices but, to create new choices.
I do walk lightly on the ground in which I step forward but, my steps may be heard by all.

'Bound to Fall' recorded by Manassas in 1972
'Colorado' recorded by Manassas in 1972

 Two Hundred and Thirty Six years later


It is only a moment, my mind runs deeply as the waters churn.
I am compelled to cross the stream, I raise my pant-legs and step into the refreshing water; the sun has risen brightly.

'So Begins the Task' recorded by Manassas in 1972


Chasing The Sunset

On Monday, I had some time to work with everything.
It was a rather nice day.

'Do for the Others' recorded by Stephen Stills in 1970

July 5, 2012

The Weekend: I Stayed Outside

There's not much to say, in 1976, I had a Micky Mouse record player and a copy of 'Love It To Death' by Alice Cooper.
The distinction is that thirty-six years later, I know the entire album from beginning to end.
The 'Ballad of Dwight Fry' is the video toward the bottom of this post, the song was a childhood favorite; this should be a proud moment for everyone.

'This Morning' recorded by Justin Hayward and John Lodge in 1975