October 9, 2013

So... It Grows Cold

The Striking Hour: A Few Words From MPK
'Where Doe's It Go?'
'The Striking Hour'
MPK 2013

2013-10-08 Day Hollow Pond
Town of Owego, NY

The summer ran by quickly without saying much of anything at all.
The heat and humidity left me in a exhausted state of exasperation that failed to yield 
to any reasonable gesture of encouragement. 
That means that the summer sucked.

I did manage to be outdoors as I would walk about eleven miles.
The highlight was always about 600 feet off of the valley floor.
As I would climb out of the humid valley, 
the cool air did occur several hundred feet from the valley floor.

I never wanted to descend back toward the bottom of the valley; 
I had no real excuse to keep me from it.
Several months have passed by and, it is now October.
The days are scarcely warm and, the nights are peaceful.

‘Summers Lost Warmth’
MPK 2013

Time has run far away from where I can afford to be,
there are no more assurances,
I must hurry.

The Voorholes 2013

 I am not weathered from exposure of the elements,
I am tired from vision that I cannot obtain.

March 8, 2013

One Year After / Ten Years After

 It has been slightly more than one year since I have started recording music under my name MPK (Matthew P. Klimek).
It has been one day since Alvin Lee of Ten Years After passed on.
I thought I would mention both of these occurrences in one blog entry.

As for myself,
 The first video here 'A Very Short Walk / Dead Motherboard' is from February 15th 2012.
I composed it with a keyboard, both parts were used in separate blog entries.
I didn't know if I liked the video although, I do like the guitar (keyboard) arrangement.

'A Very Short Walk / Dead Motherboard'

 A one year recording titled 'Little Ginger' was released, the name is fictions; the content is not.
It's an overinflated and poorly thought-out directive that ultimately destroys a non-reflective environment.
One person is sacrificed by her to prove an objective as a mandated truth; as the person falls, the 'truth' becomes the question of focus amongst all of the others.
Ginger falls out of acceptance and no longer represents the ability to maintain control of her prescribed element of unification. 
Although Ginger maintains in statement that she was correct in her determination to cause one person to fall away, her judgment is weighed against the one person.
Ginger ultimately expresses condemnation in verbal hostility toward the others that now question her doctrine of self composed definition. She must now project completely outward to the media to achieve any recognition that could possibly enable support of her.

‘Little Ginger’
MPK 2013

Little Ginger
Little Ginger was so pure,
Her truth of reality was an orgasm in the air.

Ginger, Ginger, far and near, she demanded in a theological context that all serve her will.

People thought that they were clones.
Ginger’s demands were to be executed without regard as per her indoctrinated will.

Someone went down hard; the others watched and cried out loud.

There’s nothing about your self proclaimed teachings to make us proud.

Ginger threw her hands in the air and, demanded that all would die from despair.

When the media asked her what she was going to do?
Ginger said that she was going to get to the root of it all.

In 1981, I was a teenager of fourteen years.
I have written about acquiring record albums as I would go to a tent and garage sales with my mom.
This occurrence is different because I went to a record store with my mom.
Record Theatre was and continues to be a very large record store on Main Street (NY State Route 5) in Buffalo, New York. 
The situation was that I was given several boxes of LP's from my uncle when I was nine years old; it proved to be hugely influential in my life as my listening tastes shifted into late 1960's hard rock.
I was centered around a respectable amount of Atco Records such as Iron Butterfly, Derek and the Dominos and, Black Oak Arkansas.
As a nine year old that listened solely to pop AM radio (WENE), I was moving in a radically different direction; it seemed so at the time.
I was also presented with the later Beatles albums; my Dad's collection ended at the American release of  Rubber Soul.

 The story continues with my finally getting a FM tuner to patch into the mono Hi-Fi.
I regularly listened to a Progressive rock radio station WUWU.
One day in 1982 programming feelings ran a bit high and the director drove out to the Wyoming County, NY transmitter and hacked it as he barricaded himself in the power and equipment room because he didn't want the format change that was ending the Progressive rock format.
He was arrested by the Wyoming County Sheriff and, that was that, there was never another set of  King Crimson or a occasional  Ten Years After set.
I first heard Ten Years After in 1981, it was a set from the album Watt (1970).
I wanted to acquire all of the TYA that there was; I had none.

  My mom sometimes would allow me to select LP's and I would purchase them with my allowance of several weeks accumulation. 
My mom would actually call stores such as Record Theatre and inquire about a artist and title.
The store had some titles in stock, we went there on a weeknight.
I was able to obtain:
'Ten Years After' 1967 and, 'Undead'  1968; both on the Deram label.
They were original releases at $4.99 each.
I also obtained a compilation album ending at 1970.
In my life at that time, I was moving along in a direction that did stimulate my continuously expanding interest in music.
Within a few years, I had the TYA discography and a stereo that I centered much of my musical interest around.

The three videos below are all songs with lyrics written by Alvin Lee,
he wrote the lyrics to many of the bands early songs.

"I May Be Wrong, But I Won't Be Wrong Always"
Ten Years After

Tell me baby, tell what's on your mind
Tell me baby, tell what's on your mind
Love you, baby, but I hate your hurtin' kind

Baby, baby, I've got news for you
Baby, baby, I've got news for you
Love you, baby, I don't know what to do

Baby, baby, what's on your worried mind
Baby, baby, what's on your worried mind
Love you, darlin', but I hate your hurtin' kind

Well, the moon looks lonesome, shining through the tree
The moon looks lonesome, shining through those trees
How do you look sad, when your baby packs up to leave

Baby, baby, what's on your worried mind
I say, baby, baby, what's on your worried mind
I don't cheat you, baby, I love you all the time

Love to hear my baby call my name
Love to hear my baby call my name
'Cause now you've got a man, but I call those rings, call me

Tell me baby, tell what's on your mind
Tell me baby, tell what's on your mind
Love you, baby, but I hate your hurtin' kind

Baby, baby, what's all that wrong with you
Baby, baby, what's all that wrong with you
Love you baby, I don't know what to do

I may be wrong, but I won't be wrong always
I may be wrong, but I won't be wrong always
I love you, baby, love you in my own sweet way

Written by
Alvin Lee

"Hear Me Calling"
Ten Years After

Hear me calling
Hear me call on you
Hear me calling
Hear me call on you
If you don't come soon
I'll know your love ain't true

Hear me calling
Hear me calling loud
Hear me calling
Hear me calling loud
If you don't come soon
I'll be wearing a shroud

Written by
Alvin Lee

"Working On The Road"
Ten Years After

I've been working on the road about fifteen years
Been blowing my mind, I've been blasting my ears
Don't you know, babe?
I've been sleeping all day and working all night
I made a lot of money, but it don't feel right
Don't you know, babe?

Well, I've seen the world and it's seen me
In a strange kind of way I guess I'm free
Don't you know, babe?
Well, I've seen it bad and I've seen it good
But, now, I want to clear my blood
Don't you know, babe?

I've got a feeling for home
Somewhere that I call my own

Well, I tried to live the way I should
I've shed some tears and sweated blood
Don't you know, babe?
And I think it's time I took a break
'Cause I have took all I can take
Don't you know, babe?

I've got a feeling for home
Somewhere that I call my own
Take me home, babe

Written by
Alvin Lee

February 27, 2013


 I have been standing on the side of life that affords a view.
Today I walked up to the old and seemingly forgotten cemetery at Walker Road and Whittemore Hill Road in the Town of Owego, NY.
I have been there off and on since the 1990's, the last person was apparently buried in 1940.
The majority of the people here are of German descension;
I have often wondered if there was a terrible occurrence at the onset of World War II in 1941.
Several years ago, I asked a woman that I know of from my church about the cemetery.
She had and continues to live nearby as she is now in her 90's and was a young woman in the 1940's.
She indicated that she did not know of any occurrence;
I dropped the subject as I was not convinced of anything as I see her as a strong minded and determined woman that would never admit grief.
The cemetery consists of hard working Germans that settled here in the 19th and early 20th century.

'Mr. Bojangles'
Recorded by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in 1970
Written by Jerry Jeff Walker in 1968

Commanding officer Willard Thayer 1846-1916, served in the XIX Corps (Union Army) during the American Civil War (1861-1865).
Thayer was a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, Post 350, Capt. James Taggart, Northumberland, PA.
His grave is unkept and it is somewhat sad to see the lonely remains of a memory.
It is obvious that there is no one that attends his grave, the years at the top of the hill are harsh and so very unforgiving.

 Willard Thayer 1846-1916, Grand Army of the Republic
 Final encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic, Indianapolis, Aug. 28 - Sept. 1, 1949

When I walk from home, this is the principal location that I walk by.
Nearby, there is a tall waterfall that I call Teeter Falls in reflection of the name of the road and, there is a pond in which the Day Hollow creek starts at as it flows year round less the most frigid days in which all water ceases to flow by sheer suspension of motion.

 The cemetery is the square area in the center of the map.
About Myself:
I often walk to stay healthy and acquire media for my projects.

February 1, 2013

A Penny a Kiss, A Penny a Hug

As I sit here,
I am listening to the report of the last of the Andrews Sisters passing on.
I decided to focus on a later recording from 1950.
A few minutes were spent scrounging around for pieces of this and that; 
the final result is viewable.

'A Penny a Kiss, A Penny a Hug'
recorded by
The Andrews Sisters
in 1950

'I Want To Go Shopping At J.J. Newberry's with Jack Benny
recorded by MPK 
in 2013 

'Bean Toy' 
recorded by MPK 
in 2013


January 24, 2013

A Different Light Onto All

 'Hospital' recorded by The Modern Lovers in 1971

Wow, a different light onto all is not at all what I thought I would be working on.
There are several critical issues that I am in the precess of  developing formal presentations to clarify and establish my perspective of.
Sometimes, I just can't believe the shit that I have to address onto all.
Regardless, what needs to be said will be said.
This is a good time to stretch outward and point to the 
by the way of the ever increasing circumference of my activities.


'A Seldom Heard of Day in which Lucy McGillicuddy 
was Tired and Called Ricky Ricardo's Uncle a 
"Jesucristo Muther Cojida Pig"'
MPK 2013

January 23, 2013

Batteries that Cannot and Will Not Survive the Test of Time

'Funny Girl Tell Me Why' recorded by MPK in 2013

On a very cold winter night, I cannot think of much of anything to compose with a guitar on my lap.

-I was thinking about people that never loved me and those that did and wished they never knew me because I didn't love them.
-I was thinking about the cold wind and the places that I wanted to see through the cold, cold wind.
-I was thinking about the chain (a few minimal links) of events that brought me to this chapter of my life as it is represented by a few photographs and a assortment of absolutely no-one's favorite recordings.
-I thought about waters that flowed as I made sure that I was standing there too; 
there was not a bridge too far.

Batteries that cannot and will not survive the test of time.

 'Little Black Submarines' recorded by The Black Keys in 2011

This chapter of my life is simply a few years on from the last chapter.
I mostly miss the water as it flowed from the mountains.
I have thought about an ambitious day trip to the Kaaterskill Falls,
I would try to tie it in with a visit to a relative if I do travel over there.