January 22, 2012

What Are Sunday Evenings For?

Well....it is ever later on this Sunday Evening so, I thought I would put together a video containing the photographs that I took yesterday. I threw in a video clip of a train and I sped up a creek (Nanticoke) with ice in it.

'Time Canon' recorded by Triumph in 1984
'I Need You' recorded by The Who in 1966

I was going to get outside today but, I slept late as I really did need the rest.
 I hope, I pray for a peaceful stress free week ahead for all of us. 
Sometimes in life, we reach a position where things are bound to occur in a non-predictable manor. 
It is our ability to interpret so as to develop a understanding of such things.
As we mature throught life, we develop an ability to assist others throughout life.