August 16, 2010

Walking In Broome County, NY

On Saturday August 14th 2010, I was invited to Greenwood Park to have a picnic dinner with my parents and some friends of the family.
I was excited because, this was the opportunity that I was hoping for as I could walk 16.5 miles from Endicott, NY to the park in the town of Nanticoke, NY.
I started off at about 08:00 (am). I took photographs the entire distance.

The best photographs were captured later in the morning, toward the afternoon.
The camera that I used did not have a functioning LCD viewer so, I had to use whatever experience I had to guess the optimal position and settings for the photographs.
My total yield was about 30% less and the overall tone of each photograph is less that I would have preferred.
Usually, I am never more than 7 miles from my home. At this photograph, I was over 14 miles from home. I had a backpack on with about 1 gallon of water, I only used a small amount of it.

I am less than one mile from the park and, I feel pretty darn good about almost being there. I suppose that this is about the best shape I will be in.

This is just a peaceful moment in time while floating on water.