October 9, 2013

So... It Grows Cold

The Striking Hour: A Few Words From MPK
'Where Doe's It Go?'
'The Striking Hour'
MPK 2013

2013-10-08 Day Hollow Pond
Town of Owego, NY

The summer ran by quickly without saying much of anything at all.
The heat and humidity left me in a exhausted state of exasperation that failed to yield 
to any reasonable gesture of encouragement. 
That means that the summer sucked.

I did manage to be outdoors as I would walk about eleven miles.
The highlight was always about 600 feet off of the valley floor.
As I would climb out of the humid valley, 
the cool air did occur several hundred feet from the valley floor.

I never wanted to descend back toward the bottom of the valley; 
I had no real excuse to keep me from it.
Several months have passed by and, it is now October.
The days are scarcely warm and, the nights are peaceful.

‘Summers Lost Warmth’
MPK 2013

Time has run far away from where I can afford to be,
there are no more assurances,
I must hurry.

The Voorholes 2013

 I am not weathered from exposure of the elements,
I am tired from vision that I cannot obtain.