October 24, 2012

Right Turn at Stamford

In spite of great uncertanties,
I have stood on the side of running water and enjoyed the cold mist as it saturated my face and warm clothing.

'Sad and Deep as You' recorded by Dave Mason in 1970

'Right Turn at Stamford' recorded by MPK in 2012

October 19, 2012

Who's Counting?

Autumn has come as the days are shorter and the temperature drops significantly during the night.
A funeral of someone that I knew, a meal, a familiar look at a large creek beside a mountain; events that occur from year to year and sometimes every week.
A large clutter of unfinished compositions amongst unpublished photographs accumulate in a tree of folders.
Espresso squirted into a cup stains the tired fatigue into the feeling of wanting to sleep peacefully; I will now go back to bed.

A recent announcement at work is that all of our truck driving jobs are being eliminated from Gannett 
at the Central New York facility.
A contract company will manage all of the truck transportation requirements.
Employment is uncertain.