January 8, 2012

Improvements to be Realized Along the Way

The last week was not one of my all time favorites.
Not just one but, several incidents occurred that resulted in my having spend hours reviewing and attempting to determine the best course of action to take.
Someone at work did not like the way that product was delivered, someone at work did like the way product was delivered. As impossible as it may sound, it caused a significant amount of stress. As a truck driver, I focus on much of my job from behind the steering wheel; I am responsible for the loading and unloading of the truck, there was a problem at the consignee that resulted in product being placed on four pallets that were pitched on top of one another without being neatly stacked on top of one another.
The consignee was irritate and regarded the placement of product as unacceptable.
The reality is that 8,000 pounds of printed product do not always transfer from a lift-gate truck to a storage locker; combined with snow and ice, the desired objective can diminish by the physical challenges that inhibit traction.
On Monday morning, I am going to a meeting, I do hope that my explanations and recommendations are taken seriously; it is very difficult to function without the best possible means to remove freight and place it satisfactorily. This one assignment should include a driver helper.

Today on this Sunday afternoon, I went to a wake (viewing before the funeral). An acquittance of mine that I have know for over twenty years lost his wife from cancer. She was only thirty three years old, the father has two young daughters that he will now raise by himself. He is a strong man that will endure. Endurance and perseverance are attributes that emerge from deep within; there is an undeniable truth that he will raise his children as he strives to occupy absence with paternal guidance.
It is always better to be focused on the truth so that decisions that are made will not meander about and fade.

On Saturday, I was pleased to acquire a few photographs and some video, I walked for over four hours and felt so much better in and from the process of exertion.

I truly hope for a manageable week ahead. There are short term and long term problems but, there are always improvements to be realized along the way.

'Errors of My Ways' was recorded by Wishbone Ash in 1970.

'Hooked on a Feeling' recorded by Blue Swede in 1973.