January 28, 2012

Life In The Bloodstream

It is 06:48 on a Saturday morning and I have actually slept a reasonable nights rest.
Last night before falling asleep, I started to work on a few videos.
As I sit here sipping espresso, I find myself wide awake rapidly introduced to the pre-morning light.
I think about how we have the opportunity to address and work through problems.
Sometimes, we can resolve issues in such a way that there are no problems, only strides in development.
Life is too short to cringe at the occurrence of situations, life is an opportunity to understand and apply that of which exists toward the continuation of learning and ultimately, growth that reveals wisdom from within.

Wisdom is not a one sentence word although, the temptation to use it as such exists.
Any definition of the word wisdom should include some conceptualization of constructive truthfulness, that there may be understanding and reflection, that choices can be made of truthful reflection throughout time.
There is probably a near infinite number of  variations of  the above statement so, I will summarize with pay attention and think constructively.