August 13, 2014

That Was It

It is a busy week. As I sit in a chair here in Manassas,VA.,
I will soon be driving and delivering product.
On Monday, I released a EP; this the first release in two months.
A new computer system is in development with eight TB (terabyte) of disc space and Windows 8.1 will be used in support of  a Sony Movie editing program.
I am going to try to produce more audio and improve on the quality of the supportive video.

I would like to set up equipment in the center of this blacktop island and
play hard.

 'Roadside Garden (Single Edit)'
 From the EP:
American Me (EP) (2014-08)

The EP was mostly recorded in 2014 but,
some of the 2012 blog video entries were used as well.
Much of the finalizing was done on other computers.

The future is a little rough.
Here and there, its better than before.

August 2, 2014

Call It Now

Recording projects are piling up on the back burner as I must upgrade the primary studio/office computer.
I had built it in 2009 but, recently I couldn't launch the operating system.
I was able to scan the hard-drive on another computer and repair the directory to reveal the data on the hard-drive.
Although I can record onto other computers, I have had difficulties with configurations that actually enable two channel stereo.
I will use a sound card on the next system also.

 'Someone Stopped Telling Time Over You'
From the album:
Winter Bound (2013-12)

I have been working on a electric guitar kit.
I hope to have the final build soon.

 'West Toward Ohio'
 From the album:
Winter Bound (2013-12)

 'Feel The Fall'
From the album:
Winter Bound (2013-12)

 'Time Over Here'
 From the album:
Winter Bound (2013-12)

This horsefly could be be described as a 
'flying catfish'

'Open Pressure'
From the album:
Winter Bound (2013-12)

July 19, 2014



It was a pleasant Friday in upstate New York.


July 16, 2014

Keep It Simple

Down here in Manassas sitting in a chair next to a window of a motel room,
  I realize that it is rather easy to be overextended in my free-time projects.
Truck driving has been for several months, my primary objective as I have strived to become more effective at my job;
it is very demanding of me.

It's one year after the advent of The Voorholes,
I needed a change of direction in my music that was fulfilled rather nicely here.
So far, three albums and two EP's have been realized.

 'Any Reason Not To Return Home'
The Voorholes
 From the album:
Meet The Voorholes! (2013-06)

Beside and around it all, I am better off walking some distance 
when the time presents itself in such a capacity to do so.
Sedimentary activity is no road of motivation to better recordings.

 'The Summer Song'
The Voorholes
From the album:
The Constant Sorrow of Gravity’s Downward Situation (2013-07)

The EP that I have been working on titled 'Morning Blue' was temporally released and I then pulled it within 24 hours because I didn't like it.
I know it is a fussy situation but, 
I thought I could do better to salvage the jam tracks by remixing and recording additional tracks.
Sometime later, 
A full album titled 'American Me' will be released.
 Alston Guitars - TC Semi-Hollow Mahogany Bolt On Electric Guitar Kit
This is my first guitar project from a kit.
Plenty of sanding.
Add stain and apply several coats of polyurethane; be patient in between coats.
Use a 75 watt soldering gun for the electrical connections.
A good sounding guitar.

It is so familiar to tell myself that with additional equipment,
I will produce better material; Time will tell.

July 2, 2014

I Speak To You From The Swimming Pool

Hot Humid Hours working in Virginia.
At about 14:00 hrs, I checked into the hotel and submersed myself into the swimming pool.
I brought the camera with me as I was in here for well over one hour.

Beneath the Waters of Manassas

 'Doo Moo Dally If II'
From the album:
Everyone's Sayin' (2012-11)

Transporters Are Not Toys
The Transporter used for this subject did not have the correct buffering sequence.
A energy differential from another energy pattern
that was directed to a near general area,
resulted in several types of distortion.
This distortion was reversed by plasma washing the re-energized energy pattern.
This is the same process as Bio-Tagging and cloning.

 'Transporter Theory'
MPK Production