April 14, 2014

I Continue To Drink Coffee

As I lay in bed, I increasingly realize that I have not had a cup of coffee.
I am most comfortable when I make the coffee the night before and place a full cup of coffee at the head of my bed.
This morning, I had no coffee at the head of my bed, only the breeze from a ceiling fan in my face.
At 09:00 AM, the local public broadcasting radio station changes their programing from the Morning Edition to classical music.
I am accustomed to reaching over and re-tuning the radio to the second public radio station that continues with the Morning Edition.
Through the years, the '9 AM switchover' has become an imbedded routine that consists of rolling over and tuning a radio as I usually gulp down a full cup of coffee.

I took a few photographs on Sunday and,
I decided to enhance them to coincide with the music that I am using in this blog.
The ambient temperature in this photograph is over 60°F (15°C).

‘All Pretty and Blue’

 ‘A Cracker Jack Tattoo With Very Little To Do’
Cerro Cockworm and The Batter

I’m tired and I’m worn.
I don’t think I’ll ever win against the storm.
In my mind, a picture of you is a Cracker-Jack Tattoo;
Something that’ll wash off with very little to do.

Days go by on the planet Earth.
You can live alone.
You can die without…..
You can die without…..
You can die without…..
Ever thinking forth…..
Ever thinking forth…..
Ever thinking forth…..
You can die without ever thinking forth.

Presented here on the planet Earth,
You can die without ever thinking forth,
Ever thinking forth.

Days go by and years collide,
People hold their hands out wide.

 ‘Around For Awhile’

April 12, 2014

A Hint of Spring

On this Saturday,
  North Eastern Virginia proved to be a pleasant surprise.
Although I am a bit tired, the weather is beautiful.
I am enjoying my first day of spring south of my home in Upstate New York.

 Blossoms abound throughout the area.

‘And That’s The Way It Went’

‘Known Before’

‘Within Me Around You’

I want to finish up the album soon but,
I'm thinking of several ambitious vocal projects.

April 9, 2014

Food and Coffee

Well rested and drinking coffee.

  As the tractor trailer truck rolls through the night into the bright dawn of the new day,
it is time to rest.
The company provides lodging and $23 per overnight trip for meals.
I am realizing that I should be bringing food from home that I would prepare as pre-cooked ready to eat meals.
Although I try to keep the carbohydrates down, it can't be ideal to live on chicken-wings and chili.
The A&P supermarket sells cooked food at $5.99 per pound, although there are many choices, it usually is several pounds of chicken wings. Later in the night, I usually snack on Wendy's chili.

It would be wiser to snack on protein bars and pre-packaged meals.
At this point, I have a small and growing list of items that I need for my job;
I can easily obtain all of them from Wal-Mart.

Perhaps, on the next trip, I will be a bit more situated with meals so as to make everything a bit more comfortable.

 ‘Monday Rain’

 ‘A Thought To The Side’

April 5, 2014

Halftime During A Delivery

MPK in a hotel room.

Before Interstate 80 was conceptualized to any great extent,
back in the 1930's,
there was Federal  (US) Highway 46.
It was one of several vital links to the George Washington Bridge.
New Jersey State Route 3 branches off to the Lincoln Tunnel.
Nearby, US 202 intersects and US 22 is in parallel to the south.

Truck driving can be a lot of hard work; there is more than driving.
I am in a hotel in New Jersey so that I can rest to continue with my deliveries the next day.
I am willing to continue forward with this type of work because it enables me to exist better than I have with other jobs.

I'm not too far from home but, I'm looking at the long road ahead.

 ‘180 over 70’

I weigh 180 lbs.
I am standing over Interstate Hwy. 70.

 ‘A Turn Around Midnight’

October 9, 2013

So... It Grows Cold

The Striking Hour: A Few Words From MPK
'Where Doe's It Go?'
'The Striking Hour'
MPK 2013

2013-10-08 Day Hollow Pond
Town of Owego, NY

The summer ran by quickly without saying much of anything at all.
The heat and humidity left me in a exhausted state of exasperation that failed to yield 
to any reasonable gesture of encouragement. 
That means that the summer sucked.

I did manage to be outdoors as I would walk about eleven miles.
The highlight was always about 600 feet off of the valley floor.
As I would climb out of the humid valley, 
the cool air did occur several hundred feet from the valley floor.

I never wanted to descend back toward the bottom of the valley; 
I had no real excuse to keep me from it.
Several months have passed by and, it is now October.
The days are scarcely warm and, the nights are peaceful.

‘Summers Lost Warmth’
MPK 2013

Time has run far away from where I can afford to be,
there are no more assurances,
I must hurry.

The Voorholes 2013

 I am not weathered from exposure of the elements,
I am tired from vision that I cannot obtain.