January 10, 2012

Days Ahead That Will Be

As this week starts off, I see that not everything has been completely catastrophic.
There was a meeting at work on Monday. The conclusion f the meeting was geared to customer sanctification.
I suppose I was somewhat pleased to go home and put on a set of sweat clothes as well as a very well insulated coat. I walked 14.5 miles and obtained some impressive ice photos in a narrow ravine.
I compiled all of the photos into a video slide show titled 'The Only One I Know'.
I have dozens of odd video clips that can be used in just about anything.

The future is more uncertain than ever but, it is not in a state of turmoil.
A cautious eye is applied toward areas in which opportunities could occur.
Sometimes, I wish for much; at some point, there will be something.
The answer is: No I cannot be more vague.

In the days ahead, I intend to produce more material.

'The Only One I Know' Recorded by Charlatans UK in 1990.