January 31, 2012

The Kitty Clipper

this is a very hectic Tuesday.
I found a few hours to use for this blog so, I threw everything together and at least enjoyed myself in the process.

The 'Send' Button

January 30, 2012

So Deep

I didn't have much time so, I just threw a few ideas together.

Intern Kitty

Intern Kitty


January 29, 2012

I Me Mine

There was not much time on this Sunday; out of bed and at my parents for dinner. Somewhere along the way, I had a cup of coffee.
This video is a bit different as it is composed of overcast skies and some rain.
This footage is from November of 2009.

'Dig It', 'Let It Be' and, 'I Me Mine' recorded by The Beatles in 1969

This Sunday went by so fast.

January 28, 2012

Gone Dead Train

Saturday morning was brightly lit as I finished up some miscellaneous projects.
  I put on some sweat clothes and grabbed a camera, I was on my way outside for a 14.5 mile walk in a loop through three towns and two counties.
When I am walking, I know who I am, I know what I want to be; wanting it and having it aren't quite the same, but I never feel that far away from much of anything.

'Gone Dead Train' recorded by Crazy Horse in 1970

Gone Dead Train...............So I Walked

Life In The Bloodstream

It is 06:48 on a Saturday morning and I have actually slept a reasonable nights rest.
Last night before falling asleep, I started to work on a few videos.
As I sit here sipping espresso, I find myself wide awake rapidly introduced to the pre-morning light.
I think about how we have the opportunity to address and work through problems.
Sometimes, we can resolve issues in such a way that there are no problems, only strides in development.
Life is too short to cringe at the occurrence of situations, life is an opportunity to understand and apply that of which exists toward the continuation of learning and ultimately, growth that reveals wisdom from within.

Wisdom is not a one sentence word although, the temptation to use it as such exists.
Any definition of the word wisdom should include some conceptualization of constructive truthfulness, that there may be understanding and reflection, that choices can be made of truthful reflection throughout time.
There is probably a near infinite number of  variations of  the above statement so, I will summarize with pay attention and think constructively.

January 27, 2012

Call It Something Nice

This footage is from Prince William County, Virginia.

'I Get Out Of Breath' recorded by The Turtles in 1970

I am going through what I am going through.
Life is a hard game to play when you see a few pieces where there should be none.
Yeah.....I know what they came off of....I just didn't think they would.
When Forces of Nature Collide to Produce Something New
The thought of infinity pacifies me.
If all known matter including living material is quantified,
at some point,
it will be overshadowed by another observation that compares it to
'a bubble in a soda pop bottling plant'.
And besides, It's too much of an endeavor to quantify all material in being without speculating of the origin and ongoing extent of it.
I'm lousy in mathematics, so, as a direct result of that, I do utilize the greatest of approximations!

Life is so enduring and yet,
what we desire of it can at times be unique; without equivalent.
It has been my observation that life can be served
'crap side up: unwilling'
Blindly guessing without regard to consequence is no way to stumble through life.
After a few tumbles from bad decisions, 
one might take a closer look at ones choices and develop a strategy 
to avoid such consequences.

I wrote this in early 2009 and had it posted on my MySpace page.
I want to delete this page but, there are 10,000 of my photographs on it.
Eventually, I will upload everything to my 

'Call it Something Nice' recorded by the Small Faces in 1969 

(1997-04) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The airport is beneath the wing.

(1997-04) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, over the airport.

January 25, 2012

Working On The Road

This day was not too exceptional so, I went into the archives and assembled these two videos.
The first video represents two annual walks (two photo sets) to Greenwood Park in northern Broome county in 2010 and 2011;
it is an 17 mile walk so, 34 walking miles are represented in this vodeo.

The second video is in very late December 2009, two feet of snow had just melted into the Potomac River.
The sun is shining but, it is very cold. Fortunately, every location that I was present on was dry and without ice on the rocks; apparently, upwards of seven people drown here annually. I have my new walking shoes on and I am surefooted. I spent over five hours here on both sides of the river at Maryland and Virginia.

Some of the material that I am using is over two years old.

January 24, 2012

It's Never Too Late

This is just one of those days where much of it was used in sleeping.
After waking, I realized that I had a few ideas about what I would like to see/use up in a video.
I defiantly want to get outside for a few hours on Wednesday.

Espresso is smoother than coffee.

January 23, 2012

Working on The Annual Newton Family Reunion

Of all of the projects that I work on, the Newton Family Reunion is one of the largest undertakings.
Every year, we have a family reunion at Letchworth State Park in upstate New York.
Over the past 10 years, I have been the President of the family reunion.
My primary responsibility is to secure a pavilion or some type of suitable location for the annual gathering.
Our family likes the last week in July and the Middle Falls Pavilion; many other people also like the last week in July and the same location so, there is a drawing when more than one request form is submitted for the pavilion. So far, we have had a good run of application approvals, the second choice is the Eddy's Pavilion.
This year on the 2nd of January, I printed and filled out and mailed the Shelter Reservation form with payment and a self address stamped envelope; I also check the bank account to see if the check cleared.
I am very pleased that the date of The Newton Family Reunion is July 28th, 2012 at the Middle Falls Pavilion at Letchworth State Park, Portage, New York.

'Would You Mind' recorded by Hank Snow in 1955

The other undertakings include notifying the entire family of the reunion date and location.
I have street address and e-mail contacts that must be notified of the reunion dates.
E-mail and facebook work best for quick effective announcements.
At this time, the balance of about 80 addresses is in favor of  electronic communication.
Eventually, I want to stop sending the printed announcements but, I don't want to do anything until everyone in the family is online; it may take another 10 years or so.

I enjoying trying to find nice stationary to print the announcements and envelopes on.
The dollar store is often a good location to find high quality paper and envelopes; anytime I see granite paper or anything sharp looking, I usually get a few boxes of envelopes (50ct) and a few packs of paper (100ct)
I enjoying selecting the postage stamps (APS #190271).

Portage Bridge:
This bridge has been cited for destruction, the rail road attempted to present it to New York state as a observation platform but, the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation refused it sating that it would represent a unacceptable cost to the state.
Considering that this structure has been in use since 1875, it may be wise to move forward with long term plans to use this bridge as a observation platform.

January 22, 2012

What Are Sunday Evenings For?

Well....it is ever later on this Sunday Evening so, I thought I would put together a video containing the photographs that I took yesterday. I threw in a video clip of a train and I sped up a creek (Nanticoke) with ice in it.

'Time Canon' recorded by Triumph in 1984
'I Need You' recorded by The Who in 1966

I was going to get outside today but, I slept late as I really did need the rest.
 I hope, I pray for a peaceful stress free week ahead for all of us. 
Sometimes in life, we reach a position where things are bound to occur in a non-predictable manor. 
It is our ability to interpret so as to develop a understanding of such things.
As we mature throught life, we develop an ability to assist others throughout life.

January 21, 2012

A Weekend To Relax

This week moved about rather fast, I was able to get outside every day except Thursday and Friday.
I had to drive all day on Friday into the evening but, at the end of the day, I realized that I felt more at ease with everything that had occurred during the week.
I did the best that I could do, I said that of which I believed should be said; during the week, I had spoken truthfully on one occasion. It is only that I do not look back and cringe at my thoughts and feelings, I accept some circumstances as reality with an opportunity to provide improvement.
Yes....that's correct, this is another one of my ambiguous statements with out any specific information.

'Crystal Ball' recorded by Styx in 1976

Today on this Saturday, I got out of bed in the afternoon and walked about 9 miles as I took a few photographs. I went over to my moms house and my mother, her husband and myself went to local Chinese buffet. I try to keep the carbohydrates as low as possible, usually at a buffet, it is not too difficult to eat meat, cheese and salad so as to consume nutritious and energetic foods.
I often enjoy eating  weekend dinner with my mother and her husband.

 'Carry On' recorded by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young in 1970

 I was working on a long video but, I couldn't process it because
the content was greater than the editing utility could handle.
I made two videos instead,
I used several photo indexes from early 2010 onward.
The overall results are reasonable.

January 19, 2012

The Fire Within The Flood

 It is the middle of January here in upstate New York,
I thought that this may be a reasonable time to look at cold water in the north eastern United States.
How can a day with such bright sunlight be so cold?
 As I have compiled the photographs and video, I think of all of the lonely and distant desires that had to be quickly summarized by nothing more than a song and a picture.
I refer to it as the fire within the flood; it doesn't do much.

'Younger Girl' recorded by The Lovin' Spoonful in 1965

'Someone Like You' recorded by X (American band) in 1985

'To Be Free' recorded by Dave Mason in 1972

It's a hopeless cause without a strong effort.

January 17, 2012

By Night, By Day, I Want To Have Some Of It My Way

Back in early 2001,
I was employed at International Business Machines (IBM).
The work environment was reasonable as I had a desk and a computer as a window to the world.
At the same time, I had a driving job that was only two days per month; it was the only opportunity that I had to travel on a regular basis throughout New York State.
I often looked forward to the nights that I would venture from the Binghamton, NY area to other cities.
  As I was driving along in the Catskill Mountains one night, I tuned into a standards radio station "Juke Box Radio, The Oldies That You Remember" 99.7 FM. The transmitter is located at Liberty, NY and is actually next to the McDonald's behind a small house that has a sign hanging in front of it with the call letters of the station; different signs were hung up depending on arrangements that I don't fully understand.
As I am driving along in early 2001, I heard 'Round and Round' my first impression was 'wow, that is Burl Ives, what a cool record. After the song, the name Perry Como was announced; I was intrigued.
I considered myself to be knowledgeable of popular music from the 60's and 70's.
Suddenly, there was a sizable amount of music being played in the Catskill Mountains.
It was in style to drive through a area that had traditionallly ben populated with resorts that regularly featured entertainers of the day.
As the years have gone by, I have acquired a sizable collection of recordings of 50's.

'Maybe' was recorded by Perry Como and Eddie Fisher in 1952

I produced all of these videos on the 16th of January, 2012, I took my camera outside and around the house.
There are some different types of music presented here but, it is all very entertaining.

'A Little At A Time' was recorded by Johnny Cash in 1962

'Daily Nightly' was recorded by The Monkees in 1967

'Truly Fine Citizen' was recorded by Moby Grape in 1969

By Night, By Day, I Want To Have Some Of It My Way

January 14, 2012

The Comfort Zone

The cold temperatures are upon us.
In order to photograph much of anything outdoors, I wear several layers of clothing consisting of a tee shirt, sweat shirt and a thermal insulated jacket. I use a full faced hat, scarf and thick gloves. I can comfortably function in temperatures down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12.2 Celsius). If it is any colder, I must move much faster in my stride as I will fall short of the comfort zone.

'Changes' recorded by Tesla in 1986

These photo sets are two days apart, I have worked, rested and, eaten between sets.

'What To Do' recorded by The Drifters in 1964

On my way to what?
I don't mean for this question to be sarcastic,
it is only that I know that there are other situations that I would rather be in.
I generally think that producing material like this is very constructive and healthy.

January 13, 2012

Climbing The Kaaterskill Clove With a Truck

Greetings Everyone!
  I have wanted to assemble some type of display to show everyone that I really do drive a truck.
I don't just walk around with a camera; I actually do have a job!
Behind the windshield is a compassionate and dynamic person with a intense desire to express the environment around him.

'The Syncopated Clock' composed and recorded by Leroy Anderson in 1950
'Day After Day' recorded by Badfinger in 1971

'Do Wacka Do' was recorded by Roger Miller in 1964

This week has been much better than last week.
I have been able to get outside and exercise while taking a few photographs.

I stopped at a Wal-Mart that had a Dunkin Donuts in it, I ordered a extra large coffee with cream in it;
I felt so much better as I drove off toward home.

 I really do like winter driving during a snowfall.
  I have enjoyed compiling and editing this data to present,
Climbing The Kaaterskill Clove With a Truck.

January 11, 2012

The Great Flood of 2011 in Endicott, NY, USA

September of 2011 presented the Endicott, New York area with one of the most destructive floods in our recorded history.
I compiled a video containing all of the photographs and video that I acquired on September 8th, 2011.

January 10, 2012

Days Ahead That Will Be

As this week starts off, I see that not everything has been completely catastrophic.
There was a meeting at work on Monday. The conclusion f the meeting was geared to customer sanctification.
I suppose I was somewhat pleased to go home and put on a set of sweat clothes as well as a very well insulated coat. I walked 14.5 miles and obtained some impressive ice photos in a narrow ravine.
I compiled all of the photos into a video slide show titled 'The Only One I Know'.
I have dozens of odd video clips that can be used in just about anything.

The future is more uncertain than ever but, it is not in a state of turmoil.
A cautious eye is applied toward areas in which opportunities could occur.
Sometimes, I wish for much; at some point, there will be something.
The answer is: No I cannot be more vague.

In the days ahead, I intend to produce more material.

'The Only One I Know' Recorded by Charlatans UK in 1990.

January 8, 2012

Improvements to be Realized Along the Way

The last week was not one of my all time favorites.
Not just one but, several incidents occurred that resulted in my having spend hours reviewing and attempting to determine the best course of action to take.
Someone at work did not like the way that product was delivered, someone at work did like the way product was delivered. As impossible as it may sound, it caused a significant amount of stress. As a truck driver, I focus on much of my job from behind the steering wheel; I am responsible for the loading and unloading of the truck, there was a problem at the consignee that resulted in product being placed on four pallets that were pitched on top of one another without being neatly stacked on top of one another.
The consignee was irritate and regarded the placement of product as unacceptable.
The reality is that 8,000 pounds of printed product do not always transfer from a lift-gate truck to a storage locker; combined with snow and ice, the desired objective can diminish by the physical challenges that inhibit traction.
On Monday morning, I am going to a meeting, I do hope that my explanations and recommendations are taken seriously; it is very difficult to function without the best possible means to remove freight and place it satisfactorily. This one assignment should include a driver helper.

Today on this Sunday afternoon, I went to a wake (viewing before the funeral). An acquittance of mine that I have know for over twenty years lost his wife from cancer. She was only thirty three years old, the father has two young daughters that he will now raise by himself. He is a strong man that will endure. Endurance and perseverance are attributes that emerge from deep within; there is an undeniable truth that he will raise his children as he strives to occupy absence with paternal guidance.
It is always better to be focused on the truth so that decisions that are made will not meander about and fade.

On Saturday, I was pleased to acquire a few photographs and some video, I walked for over four hours and felt so much better in and from the process of exertion.

I truly hope for a manageable week ahead. There are short term and long term problems but, there are always improvements to be realized along the way.

'Errors of My Ways' was recorded by Wishbone Ash in 1970.

'Hooked on a Feeling' recorded by Blue Swede in 1973.

January 6, 2012

I Was Using A $34 Mr.Coffee Espresso Machine

The harshness of reality and yet, the softness of a bright sunlit day,
Whatever Thursday was to me, Friday is a day in which I did not even try to get out of bed until 14:30 (2:30PM).
I guess I know when I've had it, I will be outside on Saturday, I will breath as I walk and hopefully get some nice photographs.

My first cup of coffee is a double batch of espresso, I was using a $34 Mr.Coffee Espresso machine but, one day I left it on as I was outside on a photo shoot. The espresso machine that I am using now didn't cost $34.

I have thought quite a bit about this video; at first, I didn't think that I should contribute this material but, what else is there to show? Just look at my feet in the truck,  there is nowhere to go.

SOHO, the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory, is a project of international collaboration between ESA and NASA to study the Sun from its deep core to the outer corona and the solar wind.
This is where the videos of the sun came from.
Another site of good material is NASA/JPL Photojournal .

 'Give It Up' was recorded by Badfinger in 1974

January 5, 2012

Sometimes, a sip out of a cup is one less wasted thought.

 I am sure that most of you know that there are bad days and then there are bad days; the difference being my head in my hands in the later of the two.
Today is a head in my hands day.
I am one of those people that will decide what I like and plan every aspect of it as thoroughly as I am capable of doing so.
It is not that this story has such a great punch line, it is that it just sucks.
I am 44 years old very soon to be 45 years; I cant help but to notice that I am not married.
Since I am not gay and I am attracted to women. I have tried to meet women in any environment including the community college. Nothing occurred at school and, I can now use some recording software with a ear toward the final mix.
Anyhow, there was one woman that I encountered in a non-school environment and I started to like her.
That wasn't reasonable so I will close this entirely pointless writing by saying that I am tired, I have driven far over mountains, I have seen waters that I hoped would carry me through great valleys.

I have stoped for coffee and listened to a news show on public radio as I stared through the windshield and looked straight ahead at the frozen snow as the wind blew it across the parking lot. Sometimes, a sip out of a cup is one less wasted thought.

'Down And Out Man' recorded by Bachman–Turner Overdrive in 1973