January 27, 2012

Call It Something Nice

This footage is from Prince William County, Virginia.

'I Get Out Of Breath' recorded by The Turtles in 1970

I am going through what I am going through.
Life is a hard game to play when you see a few pieces where there should be none.
Yeah.....I know what they came off of....I just didn't think they would.
When Forces of Nature Collide to Produce Something New
The thought of infinity pacifies me.
If all known matter including living material is quantified,
at some point,
it will be overshadowed by another observation that compares it to
'a bubble in a soda pop bottling plant'.
And besides, It's too much of an endeavor to quantify all material in being without speculating of the origin and ongoing extent of it.
I'm lousy in mathematics, so, as a direct result of that, I do utilize the greatest of approximations!

Life is so enduring and yet,
what we desire of it can at times be unique; without equivalent.
It has been my observation that life can be served
'crap side up: unwilling'
Blindly guessing without regard to consequence is no way to stumble through life.
After a few tumbles from bad decisions, 
one might take a closer look at ones choices and develop a strategy 
to avoid such consequences.

I wrote this in early 2009 and had it posted on my MySpace page.
I want to delete this page but, there are 10,000 of my photographs on it.
Eventually, I will upload everything to my 

'Call it Something Nice' recorded by the Small Faces in 1969 

(1997-04) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The airport is beneath the wing.

(1997-04) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, over the airport.