March 31, 2012

The Day Begins As The Night Ends

The end of the night is the beginning of the day for many people,
I couldn't sleep for more than a few hours so,
I am experiencing both day and night in a varied combination of a few hours here and there.

I will rest for a few hours after my upload finishes.
It is a video about me not playing a bass guitar very well,
I tripled the playback speed and added some percussion in ((stereo))
a ambient time delay echo track was also utilized to make this video watchable.

Good morning to all of you, 
I will now rest.

March 29, 2012

The Night Before

Having issues with an employer can be more than difficult; supposedly, there are representatives of
Gannett Company that will mediate disputes and presented situations concerning employees.
I have seen absolutely nothing to confirm that anyone is in place to accomplish anything pertaining to employee concerns. 
I have observed business practices that significantly compromise employee performance and income.
I want to see a very real discussion assembled that includes the truck drivers and applicable levels of management.

'The Night Before' recorded by The Beatles in 1965

Sometimes, communication can be difficult.

March 27, 2012

When I Come Around

Back to the 20's F.
I was having trouble locating a reasonable source of whey protein. Sam's club now stocks 4lb bags of very low carbohydrate (3 grams per scoop of 23gram of protein); at $32 per four pound bag it is not cheap but, it is better than elsewhere.
Whey protein is a very decent dietary supplement to consume liberally, especially when exercise is involved.
Optimally, I will consume at least 100 grams each day.

'When I Come Around' recorded by Green Day in 1994

March 26, 2012

The World (After The Warmth)

It's a Sunday evening as I sit here feeling the slightest bit over caffeinated.
Although, I'm not overwhelming happy about choices that I will probably have to make in the very near future,
I generally think that positive intentions are applied by most people.
It only takes one misguided person to derail an entire operation;
that is why overview is so important.

'Driver 8' recorded by R.E.M. in 1985

I wonder if this tree blossom will survive?
The temperatures are expected to go back down into the 20's F.
Ultimately, this display of warmth
may prove to induce a considerable amount of
damage to plants and trees.
I shall watch the continuation of these blossoms closely.

Overview is so important.

March 24, 2012

AOL: Power Plant Administrator Edition


"The director of the National Security Agency has warned that the hacking group Anonymous could have the ability within the next year or two to bring about a limited power outage through a cyberattack."

A version of this article appeared Feb. 21, 2012, 
on page A3 in some U.S. editions of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline:

The Warm Sky

I do not remember such a great week of warmth in the month of March.

'Pretty Ballerina' recorded by The Left Banke in 1966

The weather was to great to be indoors last Thursday. After work.
I went outside with a camera, I was able to acquire a reasonable amount of photographs.
Amazingly, for a March 22nd, it was over 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
I now am very tan as it was a sizable ambition of mine to walk 80 miles, I achieved it in six days.
The advantage is that I can stay slim as long as I eat intelligently, I get photographs and, I was in moderate to strong sunlight for about 70% of the time.
I am actually very pleased to  be fully tan in March; 
who would have thought such a possibility could occur?
Does the temperature have anything to do with the solar flare on March eighth?
 Anyhow, as I walk, I will think about almost anything, 
it allows me a excellent opportunity to plan structured activities.
I certainly enjoy the artistic side of life, on this Thursday, I am tired but so intrigued by the weather.

Shadows of hours past dance in my mind, I relive moments of flowing water that does carry me through deep valleys the sun beats down on me, I endure each step as I force memories into core moments of truth that I wish to build upon. 

Usually when I am walking, it is a somewhat consistent endeavor requiring a even amount of exertion; on this day, it was not. My thoughts may have been vivid however, I was very much working at a higher than usual level of endurance.

(2012-03-22) The Warm Sky: Set One

(2012-03-22) The Warm Sky: Set Two

'Daisy Jane' recorded by America in 1975

In the last video featuring the band 'America', 
I neglected to mention that Dan Peek 1950-2011
had passed on.

I have an abundance of photographs that were taken during layovers as a truck driver, 
I often had a considerable amount of time on my hands.
Early 2009, is my kickoff for digital photography.
Previously, I had worked with 35mm film heavily from 1995-1997.
I eventually would like to scan the negatives and, all of one set of slides.

March 21, 2012

Holding Out For More

The weather continues to be the best ever, I'm holding outside for more!
I will make myself available for at least twelve hours of walking and photography this week.

'Act Naturally' recorded by Buck Owens in 1963

I am enjoying the weather.

Up And Over

I spent some time outdoors in the warm weather
as I finished my documentary.

I finished my documentary

March 20, 2012

The Sunday Afternoon

A brilliant continuation of the best March weather ever!
I was able to start working on a short documentary of the Teeter Creek,
I hope to complete it tomorrow.

A brilliant continuation of the best March weather ever!

The Warmest March In Upstate New York

What caused the warmest memorable day in March?
Was it related to the very large solar flare on Thursday March 8th, 2012?
I am now tan and, I ave very much enjoyed my time in the warm open outdoors.

March 17, 2012

Then...I Went Home

 So it is that we reach the end of another week of work consisting of employment and projects here at home.
I have enjoyed many of the events through the week as I have taken many photographs as I have walked with a camera in hand.
Thursday was the busiest day for me, after work, I enjoyed a very demanding walk that did wear me down but, I felt better. I was so pleased to be out in the sunlight.

'Sister Golden Hair' recorded by America in 1975

'Doctor Doctor' recorded by UFO in 1974

I was glad
 to be out in
 the sunlight.


March 15, 2012

Enjoying Good Health On The Road To Nowhere

It is actually a very early Thursday morning however, I am writing about the day before.
It was cooler on Wednesday with a bright clear sky.
At this point, I have lost most of the winter weight, the hibernation period has ended, I am ready to prowl for food and a mate; that's how it worked on Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins.

'Road to Nowhere' recorded by Ozzy Osbourne in 1991

The hibernation period has ended.