February 29, 2012

Snowy Slippery Day

I enjoying this snowy slippery day as I have very little to say otherwise.

One Day Is Better Than None

It was very good to be outside for a few hours today.
I did a small amount of  hiking along the creek bed as seen in the photographs.
The problem with the stream bed is the amount of ice, since tropical storm Lee, the characteristics of the creek have changed dramatically in such a way that there is not as much stagnate water as before.
There is much more slippery ice as compared to flat even surfaces.

'If You're Gone' recorded by The Byrds in 1965



Teeter Creek Waterfall

One Day Is Better Than None

February 27, 2012

From The Inside

I was tired as I slept through some rather nice weather.
I did assemble a few videos during the afternoon.

'Sex and Candy' recorded by Marcy Playground in 1996

'Ski-ing' recorded in 1968
'My Sweet Lord' recorded in 1970

February 26, 2012

A Long Day Of Nothing

I am awake because I am not laying down sleeping.
Other than that.........

'Suddenly' recorded by the Bee Gees in 1969

Waiting on the mixing board so that I don't have to rely upon the
orbit sphere desk cam with a microphone built into it.

February 25, 2012

Making Plans..................

I am making plans!
 All efforts are under way to start seriously recording at home.
I don't know for certain what the end results will be but, I think I can shape most things into music that I really do like.
I am going to be ever so patient as I carefully step through this; I want to put an entire album together.

 My picture as taken at the Japanese steak house
earlier this evening.

Give It A Rest

Give it a rest; for God's sake give it a rest.
Although I haven't heard that, I feel just that way.
I composed very little this morning but, I like the Saturday Blog jingle.

.....going back to bed.....

'Driver's Seat' recorded by Sniff 'n' the Tears in 1978 

February 24, 2012

Dream On

Wow, it's so late in the night, soon the morning hours will rise upon us.
My mind tries to relax in meditation of events that have shaped the previous day.
Sometimes, I hate the hours alone. I was with some hope that between truck driving, walking and , production work, there would be a existence that I was comfortable with.
I wish I was earning money with some type of production work that doesn't require my life spent working on a ongoing project.
I sure don't have the answers but, I am always wondering what options may exist in life and, I suppose, I am not afraid to conceptualize from near or afar.
My recent experiences in life are what everybody already knows about life itself; be truthful, just say it as compared to holding it in.
I am only pointing out that it is better to communicate.
The future of my job is a toss up, a new manager wants to please the higher level managers.
It may not sound like much except, it is a printing facility that is continuously loosing ground to online readers.
They are working within a 'reduction model' toward future operations. At some point, they will not need many people, if any at all.
Because of this perpetual downsizing, the management is structured in a crude, often unclear decision making environment.
More than once, I have considered asking the state for clarification of company decisions.

'Dream On' recorded by Nazareth in 1982

The Four AM Blog:
 I added this video several hours later because it is so much better
than the first video that I made this earlier this evening.

I did want to point out that there is a significant difference between the audio on
Facebook as compared to YouTube.

  I am still here as I sit here and post this video that I made myself!
I used the term 'date rape' to make the subject as bizarre and unappealing as possible;
at least, that's exactly how it came out.
Don't fret over it, it's just a quick encounter with who the hell knows what.
It passes by quickly.

I sure don't have the answers but,
I am always wondering what options may exist in life and,
I suppose,
I am not afraid to conceptualize from near or afar.

February 22, 2012

Stay Tuned

Sometimes work is so much more stress than it is worth.
My at home production work will be ongoing.
Drums, a guitar and, a microphone will be used in the near future.
It should not be too hard to hear the difference when everything happens.
Stay tuned.

'Genesis' recorded by Hot Tuna in 1977

February 21, 2012

Activity Compared To Nothing

 this was not a bad Monday.
I was glad to spend some of my time outside for several hours.
I did acquire some photographs for my photo journal. The video in the video titled 'The Castle' was taken today on Monday, it looks similar to the video acquired on the ninth.
In my life of day to day practices, there is activity when compared to nothing.

'The Castle' recorded by Love in 1966

I am finalizing arrangements for microphones, a mixing board and, a guitar with distortion.
I just want to lay down my own arrangements and see what will happen

February 19, 2012

I Alone

I Alone,
 not too much to say after that.
It has been a fairly busy weekend, I had a significant amount of material that I wanted to put on.
I combined everything into the weekend blog.

'Selling The Drama'
'I Alone'
'Lightning Crashes'
'All Over You'
recorded by Live in 1994

from the album:
  'Throwing Copper'

'This Whole World' recorded by The Beach Boys in 1970

'Just A Little' 
recorded by both 
The Beau Brummels in 1964 
Nils Lofgren in 1990

'Sweet Burgundy' recorded by Tommy Bolin in 1976

'Song Of A Baker' recorded by the Small Faces in 1968

If it's in a fortune cookie, 
it is seen by many people 
at many restaurants.

February 16, 2012

Snow On The Top

It wasn't a bad day as work went well and when I got home, I decided to take some of my free time and go out on this rainy, snowy, icy day and take a few photographs.
I was surprised to actually have traction problems with my walking shoes as the ice prevented good traction; it was a bit more of a workout than I had expected.

'Look at Me Girl' recorded by Bobby Vee in 1966

Dead Motherboard Ready For The Can

Dead Motherboard Ready For The Can:
 The motherboard has been dead for over one year, I will use some of the parts in the future.
The Can is a West German band that is posted in the bottom video.

I can't believe how many music classes I have been involved with.
At some point, it is all going to come together and I will achieve the greatest compositions ever.
Until that time comes, it's dead motherboards and whatever else I can sound out on the keyboard.

'Full Moon on the Highway' recorded by Can in 1975

February 15, 2012

Tuesday Composition

It is early in the hours of Wednesday, this is the Tuesday blog.
Although, I will not necessarily have a blog entry for each day, it is fun trying.

'Little Wing' recorded in 1967
'All Along The Watchtower' recorded in 1968
'Ezy Ryder' recorded in 1970
by Jimi Hendrix

February 14, 2012

The Things We Do..................

So stagnant with non activity, the espresso was helpful as I  became willing to jump out of bed.
It was such a beautiful day and I had missed so much of it.
I was outside early this morning and I manged to take a few photographs, during the late afternoon, I shot this video.
I laid out a few tracks on the keyboard and mixed them to enhance the handheld video camera.

Such a beautiful day and I had missed so much of it.

 'The Things We Do for Love' recorded by 10cc in 1977

February 11, 2012

Getting Out Of Bed Late

I was tired, I needed rest; I think I had too much rest.
I hate getting up in the late afternoon, I don't mind getting up around noon but any later, I am not too accepting of the situation.
I mostly spent what was left of the day playing with clips.
The final results are less than great but,
I do like 'Ladies Of The Road' by King Crimson and,
'in which influences were unexpected',
I put it together on my blog video and, last night,
I decided to work with it.
I composed a introduction sound track and,
I was playing with a jazz type composition that does seem reasonable for inclusion.

'Ladies of the Road' recorded by King Crimson in 1971

I couldn't get the arrangements right, 
I was unable to compose the soundtrack so, 
it is a very incomplete sound score.

I wish I had made myself go outside and do something, 

February 10, 2012

Forty Five

As I sit here, I realize that I am in a ever increasing hurry to finish this post and get into the shower as I am on my way to work.
Anyhow, today is my birthday, I plan on keeping busy.
In the past few hours, I compiled some videos.

'Here Comes My Baby' recorded by Cat Stevens and also by The Tremeloes in 1967

'Let It Grow' recorded by Eric Clapton in 1974

February 9, 2012


I drive a truck as I attempt to draw off of my recent education.
Ricky Nelson said it so well with,

"If you gotta play at garden parties, I wish you a lotta luck
But if memories were all I sang, I'd rather drive a truck"
'Garden Party' by Ricky Nelson, recorded in 1972

So, I can use Audacity when I am not driving the truck.
I have only recently started to embrace some of the many, many possibilities that exist for audio engineering. I took other classes in the curriculum, AI had many piano lessons, including personalized instruction.
I can now say that I perform atonal dissonance; that means in any terms that I suck!
I haven't really stated a reflection of my time at school; I am not prepared to do so at this time.

2010 Broome Community College in the library
Photographs: (2009-09-01)

'Heaven Beside You' recorded by Alice in Chains in 1995

Should I script him or, should I not?

February 8, 2012

A Big Road To Nowhere

Finally, I have patched the keyboard into a computer.
It is not that I am a talented musician, it is simply that I really enjoy what I am doing.
For the first time, I laid out some small and brief audio tracks.
I included a few of the selections on this page.

'(Back to the) Heartbreak Kid' recorded by Restless Heart in 1985

These are older photographs,
four sets of photographs were used to produce the above video.

Anxiously waiting for the new desk camera.

February 6, 2012

About A Girl

As I am thrown into the earth, I raise my arms toward you as to plea from my falling stance; I plea within my demise into darkness and so quickly, I disappear.
My arm raises from the darkness and then the other arm rises, I start to tread water as I swim toward the shore; another turn from the rope swing beside the swimming hole.

'About a Girl' recorded by Nirvana in 1988

Another turn from the rope swing beside the swimming hole.

February 5, 2012

The Time Continuum

Well.........Back to weekdays!
If this week takes on a good character, it will involve at least 44 miles of walking and accompanying photography.

The Time Continuum

February 4, 2012


I was up for a few hours last night playing with the previous blog.
I slept for eight hours and I woke up at 14:00hrs, I drank coffee and took the camera outside for about nine miles.
Sometimes, I want to be situated in such a way that I can achieve what I set out to do with a minimum effort.
It is not that it is a minimal effort, it is that I am so engrained in what I do.

'You Were on My Mind' recorded by 'We Five' in 1965

This is the old desktop camera.
I ordered a new 5 megapixel desktop camera.
It should be good enough to produce some content.

Things Go Better With Water

It is a not a very cold day in February, I am pleased to sit here and sip espresso.
The week has not been too bad,
if I experienced anything of significant proportion,
I wrote about it in a continuous manor without specific interruption.
As far as I can see, these are not the worst of times; this is a time to apply oneself.

'Blowin' Free' recorded by Wishbone Ash in 1972

There are two photo sets in this video, 
the first set is on 2011-08-29 Monday and 
the second set was taken on 2011-08-30 Tuesday 
the next day. 
The same roads were traveled on. 
The combined distance is 29.2 miles.

I do, I do like Intern Kitty; I'm just not sure what to do with him.

'Dreaming' recorded by Cream in 1966 

 A nice look around, Endicott, New York, USA

February 3, 2012

Cold On The Shoulder

Don't talk, Don't walk, Don't look my way, Don't challenge the silence; maybe, just maybe everything will continue as it is now. You will have lost nothing.
Deep down, so deep down, I want the truth to shatter you, I want every word that you speak from all time onward to be the breath of life.
I want you to form on a shore that affords a view of every preconceived notion you ever had, on it's saline way to the ocean.

 The Continuation

February 2, 2012

Here I Am I Always Am

Along the way,
 I was happy to breath fresh air as I walked off the stagnation of the last several days.
Today was a rather nice day in that I was outside for over five hours, I walked 14.6 miles.
I was able to acquire some rather nice photographs and a few video clips.

The waterfall is quite large.
I often enjoying hearing the water run over it when there is enough water in the stream.

This video is over nine minutes long, the problem is that I didn't have enough material to insert into it.
I had a photo set with some video from trials that I made with a new camera in late August 2009.
The overall feeling of this video is grainy; it is a very long ride through here.

'Vanilla Queen' recorded by Golden Earring in 1973

It was such a nice day although, there was no indication that it would be several hours earlier.
I filled up a 2GB SD card and could have started to use another one;
I wish I had been carrying an extra SD card.