June 11, 2012

Weakend - Strongend

Such a thing that is described as reality is that I did get outside on the weekend and took a reasonable number of photographs.
Sunday was a rather humid and hot afternoon. As I was walking up a steep hill on a dirt road named Teeter Road, I heard a few branches snapping that yielded to a loud torrent of bustling branches.
I observed some disturbance in the trees just off of the desolate roadway.
This is what an encounter with a bear sounds like.
I was very concerned as I immediately turned and walked toward the bottom of the hill; my objective was to increase the distance between the bear and myself so if the bear ran out into the road, it would have more of an area to leave me alone. There is a concern that the bear could not be fully aware of my exact position and run in front of me; bears have sharp claws and teeth, they only need to swipe at a person to immobilize them.
Fortunately, the bear ran the other way. I made as much noise as I could as I walked up the hill.
I don't want this creature to start to challenge me by running partially around me just to see if it can; that represents the beginning of the end as it will increase its presence over time.

'Harvest' recorded by Neil Young in 1972

'Uncle John's Band' recorded by the Grateful Dead in 1970

-I made as much noise as I could-