June 25, 2012

Lonely Boy

The weekend came and went, I was especially pleased to be outside on Saturday.
My all time highest number of uploaded photographs from a single continuous photo shoot has been 450 photographs,
it is now 512 photographs.

'Lonely Boy' recorded by The Black Keys in 2011

I worked on one video as I decided what to apply to another video that would have only some variations from the other.
I often enjoy assembling video clips into a larger project; many, many adjustments are made to complete the video.

'Lonely Boy' recorded by Paul Anka in 1962

The weekend weather was amongst the most pleasant in recent memory.
I really enjoy high photograph yields, I will try to capture as many images as I can during the pleasant days and, I will take a few photographs during the other days.
This wraps up the weekend blog, I hope everyone has a great week ahead.