June 23, 2012

I Wasn't Going To Do..........

 I wasn't going to do anything with the blog for a few days, I was very busy on Friday and I have a wedding reception to be at on Saturday.
I was very tired and fell into a deep sleep on Friday evening, somewhere around 02:00 Saturday morning, I realized that I could not lay in bed any longer.

 I was playing with a 1969 song by the Blue Cheer titled 'When It All Gets Old'.
I didn't have any new footage to work with but, I thought I could throw something together with photographs.
As I played the video timeline back, I didn't want much to do with the final result.
I striped everything down and tried to make the entire effect sad and nostalgic.

'A Little Bitty Tear' recorded by Burl Ives in 1961

 I don't know if I could feel any farther away from what is in front of me.
Forced air strikes my flesh and the bright light of the monitor saturates the exposed areas from the darkenss.
I am spiritually sore, although I am not devoid of promise, I see little else in front of me other than rows of the same houses as observed from the same angle.
I have never been  appreciative of isolationism and yet, I define it on a grand scale.
I write of it day by day, it is documented in my photographs and videos; an entire life displayed without human content.

 Construction, maintenance and, archiving of materials are continuously achieved in a recognizable manor onto others. My human form cries to achieve the very essence continuation.
I suppose I should not be surprised that in the last six months my life has dumped itself onto and throughout the planed earth.

 I sometimes am surprised after I have written strongly about  my expectations and, I later observe that the topic of discussion has all but significantly diminished.
I have flung the icing, cake, utensils, plates, table top, chairs and, the overhead lighting;
it almost seems as if though, everyone was eating frozen ice cream on a stick and they were annoyed that there was such an uproar over the cheap store bought cake that they had all walked by previously.

The topic of discussion has all but significantly diminished.