February 4, 2012

Things Go Better With Water

It is a not a very cold day in February, I am pleased to sit here and sip espresso.
The week has not been too bad,
if I experienced anything of significant proportion,
I wrote about it in a continuous manor without specific interruption.
As far as I can see, these are not the worst of times; this is a time to apply oneself.

'Blowin' Free' recorded by Wishbone Ash in 1972

There are two photo sets in this video, 
the first set is on 2011-08-29 Monday and 
the second set was taken on 2011-08-30 Tuesday 
the next day. 
The same roads were traveled on. 
The combined distance is 29.2 miles.

I do, I do like Intern Kitty; I'm just not sure what to do with him.

'Dreaming' recorded by Cream in 1966 

 A nice look around, Endicott, New York, USA