February 2, 2012

Here I Am I Always Am

Along the way,
 I was happy to breath fresh air as I walked off the stagnation of the last several days.
Today was a rather nice day in that I was outside for over five hours, I walked 14.6 miles.
I was able to acquire some rather nice photographs and a few video clips.

The waterfall is quite large.
I often enjoying hearing the water run over it when there is enough water in the stream.

This video is over nine minutes long, the problem is that I didn't have enough material to insert into it.
I had a photo set with some video from trials that I made with a new camera in late August 2009.
The overall feeling of this video is grainy; it is a very long ride through here.

'Vanilla Queen' recorded by Golden Earring in 1973

It was such a nice day although, there was no indication that it would be several hours earlier.
I filled up a 2GB SD card and could have started to use another one;
I wish I had been carrying an extra SD card.