February 11, 2012

Getting Out Of Bed Late

I was tired, I needed rest; I think I had too much rest.
I hate getting up in the late afternoon, I don't mind getting up around noon but any later, I am not too accepting of the situation.
I mostly spent what was left of the day playing with clips.
The final results are less than great but,
I do like 'Ladies Of The Road' by King Crimson and,
'in which influences were unexpected',
I put it together on my blog video and, last night,
I decided to work with it.
I composed a introduction sound track and,
I was playing with a jazz type composition that does seem reasonable for inclusion.

'Ladies of the Road' recorded by King Crimson in 1971

I couldn't get the arrangements right, 
I was unable to compose the soundtrack so, 
it is a very incomplete sound score.

I wish I had made myself go outside and do something,