June 11, 2014

Something New

Attended West Corners Baptist Church
Years active: 1988 - 2009 (Removed)

Something New:
The 5th American Beatles album
Recorded: 1964

There was a time when my life consisted of a church environment and a parallel activity centered in music.
That separation no longer exists. 


 There was a girl in my church something new.
I felt in my heart something true.
I knew that time would be something to do.

After several months, she said she had plans.
The fire in my heart burned for many years.
Every word that I spoke to her resulted in distress.
The church grew smaller by each year.

Time left me not knowing what to do.
Don't act so blue, God has plenty for you.
There's never a reason not to care; the Holy Spirit is in the air.

The pastor fucked up and died.
Past time will never lay by his side.
I'm the fool with my arms opened wide.

The church was built for nothing new; It was only a selfish plan not to tell.
Every day I wake up and wonder why?

'Lonely Years'

I was 23 years old.
I would look across a valley and see the mountains as I drove,
my objective was determined by sight.
I was and I am he who conquerors by understanding that of which I may be transcended.

IBM was something unspoken, large and, the great source of my crucifixion.
Blood never did flow from the body of my shattered soul.
The sky became indistinguishable from night as day.

~A narrative account of 1990~