June 7, 2014

Around By The Seasons

It's a nice time of year.
The work that I perform is more along the line of 'time sensitive' as compared to continuous hard manual labor.
As a truck driver, I can operate for 14 hours; with this job, it really is a challenge.

View from a hotel in Manassas, Virginia.

‘Social Media Request‘

I'm working on a EP (Extended Play) titled 'Monday Blue'
I want something different totaling about 20 minutes in length;
Or something.
The EP's usually come out quickly, I am thinking about a album by
Cerro Cockworm and The Batter.

A Walk Last Friday

‘I Stayed Alone Without You in the Hot Sun Around The Seasons’

Standing in a meadow with the morning dew on my shoes is so ongoing of the times that I have loved you.
The sky’s tumble around by the seasons as my heart circles the years with refrain.
Whenever I was with you, I stood where the water flowed.

Around and Around