June 4, 2014

I Woke Up

The long walk that eventually glides along a gentle meadow is a occurrence in my life that I strive to achieve.
Somewhere long beyond the hill, the long day and night of truck driving and off loading product is a occurrence that results staying elsewhere.
I am now elsewhere, the accommodations are comfortable, there is enough time to rest.
I endlessly eat at Chipolte, I am granted $23.oo each overnight trip for meals; we receive it regardless of whether we actually spend it or not. Somehow, I'm not too inhibited to spend it on food.

 ‘Down Here’
The Voorholes

I woke up in the early evening, I went out in the rain to get coffee, I took a few pictures along the way.
As the rain poured down on me and I wiped the water from my face with the hand that wasn't holding the coffee, I decided to walk up the road to order another burrito from Chipolte.
I was drenched in water as I stood in line, I carried the food back to the hotel and ate the second meal of the day.
When I get home, a series of long walks will do me well.

 ‘Time Is Blue About You’
The Voorholes

Older and farther from home isn't a serious problem but, it's lonely.
I have had all of the artistic leeway and space to produce anything I could think of.
Mostly, it is simply lonely without anyone true to lean on.

 ‘Words Can’t Touch You’
The Voorholes

Truck  Driver Mentality 
doesn't really back down to anything, 
everything shifts in a non-fulfilling manor to the side.