June 25, 2014

As The Gentle Hours Pass By

The hours run past the ambitions of the day;
there is no time left to drive in a hot and yet, very comfortable Manassas afternoon.
A shower washes away hours of grime as I shall take time to go about and eat dinner nearby.
Several large cups of coffee to take with me on the fly.
As I retire at the end of a long day, I cannot deny, it's all worth it to try.


 'Tunnel of Light'

 'The Uninhibited Corridor'
 From the album:
-Summer Projects- (2013-08)

To my surprise, as I checked the MPK Hulkshare page (Netherlands),
I saw that 'The Uninhibited Corridor' had 1,337 plays.
I am making plans to update the page with more recent material.