April 26, 2014

I Know The Sky Up Above

My first uncomfortable but mild sunburn of the year was last Monday; the white pasty winter has ended.
I sit here writing as I realize that I have so little to say else-wise of this week.

I did write one song ‘The Girl I Knew From Before’.
After a few of the tracks were recorded, I was thinking of Gentle Giant.
I significantly changed the pitch of my vocal recording to shape it in a more drawn out manor.
The Voorholes upcoming album needs all of the original content and variety that can be produced;
I hope to produce much more stuff in the future.

Driving Range

‘The Girl I Knew From Before’
The Voorholes

I won’t do anything for you.
I’ll lay down on the floor and scream your going to open the door.
I’ll put my hand on your knee and say “make me free”.

I’ve nothing better to do, I laugh until I cry from what you’re going through.
The sky is always gray; sometimes the wind doesn’t blow that way.
I wake up and I refrain from calling it pain, it just feels like rain.

I know the sky up above; I see it from the ground when I’m growing old.
I see you looking around, I don’t suppose it’s because the world is round.
I don’t mean to be square; I would really like it if you would care.

 ‘The Last Civilized Mile’

I want more semi-fun recordings that contain my vocals.