April 9, 2014

Food and Coffee

Well rested and drinking coffee.

  As the tractor trailer truck rolls through the night into the bright dawn of the new day,
it is time to rest.
The company provides lodging and $23 per overnight trip for meals.
I am realizing that I should be bringing food from home that I would prepare as pre-cooked ready to eat meals.
Although I try to keep the carbohydrates down, it can't be ideal to live on chicken-wings and chili.
The A&P supermarket sells cooked food at $5.99 per pound, although there are many choices, it usually is several pounds of chicken wings. Later in the night, I usually snack on Wendy's chili.

It would be wiser to snack on protein bars and pre-packaged meals.
At this point, I have a small and growing list of items that I need for my job;
I can easily obtain all of them from Wal-Mart.

Perhaps, on the next trip, I will be a bit more situated with meals so as to make everything a bit more comfortable.

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