April 5, 2014

Halftime During A Delivery

MPK in a hotel room.

Before Interstate 80 was conceptualized to any great extent,
back in the 1930's,
there was Federal  (US) Highway 46.
It was one of several vital links to the George Washington Bridge.
New Jersey State Route 3 branches off to the Lincoln Tunnel.
Nearby, US 202 intersects and US 22 is in parallel to the south.

Truck driving can be a lot of hard work; there is more than driving.
I am in a hotel in New Jersey so that I can rest to continue with my deliveries the next day.
I am willing to continue forward with this type of work because it enables me to exist better than I have with other jobs.

I'm not too far from home but, I'm looking at the long road ahead.

 ‘180 over 70’

I weigh 180 lbs.
I am standing over Interstate Hwy. 70.

 ‘A Turn Around Midnight’