August 18, 2012

The Annual Walk to Greenwood Park

Just about every year, there is a picnic at Greenwood Park. On this day of Saturday August 11th 2012, I made another annual walk to Greenwood Park, Town of Nanticoke, Broome County, New York.

I started off at an early 07:30,
the walk was peaceful as I am in good health.
I carried a backpack with one gallon of water in it.

Although it was humid, I was comfortable as I took many photographs.
Throughout the later morning, there was a brisk amount of traffic on Nanticoke Road, I thought that perhaps it was heading to the park.
As I arrived at the park, I realized that there were probably no more than 200 people on the park grounds.

'Don't Say No' recorded by Can in 1977

I was at this park to meet my mother, her husband and, a entire family that are good friends of our family.
I was hours ahead of the 14:15 rendezvous. I decided to spend several hours swimming; after an seventeen mile walk it would be refreshing.
I continued to trod water and remained submersed up to my neck in soothing water for over two hours.
My leg mussels became partially stiff so, I changed motion in which I moved my legs to eliminate the potential cramping. Sometime during the second hour, both of my legs experienced debilitating cramping and, I was unable to alleviate it through any holding pattern or position of my legs.
Eventually after I had my feet pressed against the firm sandy bottom did the severe pain of the cramps stop.
I recognized this window as the opportunity to quickly exit from the water and sit on a bench with a towel wrapped around me. I was rather well chilled and, I really did feel quite good; I was waterlogged.

After about one-half hour of sitting on the park bench, I noticed that it was 15:10, Why had the others not approached me? Were they here? I decided to patrol the park on foot to see if I could find them
I did find them in the usual location, everything was set up, there was food on the grills.
They eagerly greeted me asking me how long it took me to walk to the park?
I explained that I had been submersed in water for the past two hours.
They explained that they went to the beach but, they did not see me.
I effectively spent at least one hour in the water while they were there.
I didn't mind too much, dinner was served and I believe that I ate about one pound of grilled chicken.
I was driven home afterward.

I was driven home afterward.