August 15, 2012

Monday In The Catskill Mountains

The July 28th family reunion at Letchworth State Park was very nice, although, I was somewhat tired at the end of it all.
To my pleasant surprise, an aunt needed a ride from my home, The Village of Endicott, New York to Poughkeepsie, New York
I immediately realized that this could be the golden opportunity to explore the Plattekill Clove in Greene County, New York.
I left Poughkeepsie at about 10:00am and I was at Saugerties, New York at about 12:00 noon.

This is an overview of all five stops, I entered the map at the lower right corner and stopped at:
Kaaterskill Falls (the very top), 
Lexington, New York (river overlook), 

'Monday In The Catskill Mountains' is a mini-documentary about a day trip that I took on 2012-07-30. 
On my way back, I stopped at these locations. 
All of the terrain is moderate to difficult and requires some experience in hiking over uneven surfaces.

Looking westward from the Hudson Valley,
Indian Head Mountain (left) and, Kaaterskill Falls (right) are marked on this map.

'Everything Zen' recorded by Bush in 1994

 Looking south-west:
Indian Head Mountain is marked with the trail that I used; 
I cant imagine how this would be used in the winter.
There is quite a bit of climbing involved; it involves pulling oneself up a set of rocks that are in 
four or five foot steps.

 Looking east:
This is a 1,473 foot actual climb from the base to summit.

Looking north-west:

 Looking north:

'Smells Like Teen Spirit' recorded by Nirvana in 1991

Overview map of the locations of interest.

 Looking north:

This location cannot be referred to as a safe overlook.
It is possible to walk out and sit unrestrained on several protruding rocks.
Most of the people at this location live in and near Haines Falls, New York.
I was surprised to realize just how easily accessible this location actually is.
It is far more difficult to hike to the waterfall from below.

Looking north-east:

Looking north-east:

This is the old Gilboa bridge, it was replaced in the early 2000's.
There is an exceptional amount of sedimentation in the water.

Looking north-east:

Looking north-east:
The Hudson Valley is observed in the upper right corner.

'E-Z Rider'
Arthur Lee

'Easy Rider - Take 1'
Arthur Lee & Jimi Hendrix

'Easy Rider - Take 2'
Arthur Lee & Jimi Hendrix

It is now August 15th and I am posting this entry from July 30th.
This is one of my more successful days outside.
At some time during non-ice weather, 
I hope to acquire more imagery from the other mountains.