August 27, 2012


The weekend was pleasant as I was able to be outside on both days.
I really don't like the way 'Bridge Song Three' came out.
I am in the process of remixing the composition as well as recording several different tracks;
I am considering adding vocals.

I know I don't have much range,
At Broome Community College as I was in a choir class,
the instructor said that I could only hit two octaves and,
that 'they couldn't use me',
I was asked to drop the class,
the instructor said I could stop by his office the next day and he would sign the slip.

Looking back at it,
where does a community college have the authority to deny a student access to a class that they are registered for?
I think I really do have issues with the BCC music curriculum and it's director.

Anyhow, I picked up my guitar and laid out a darling arrangement;
be sure and give it a listen,
it is the bottom song above my picture.

'Sunday' recorded by MPK 2012

-I picked up my guitar and laid out a darling arrangement.-