August 20, 2012

Dimensions of Procrastination

As I sit here...
I am thinking about what type of original thought I could express in writing.
In the photograph below, it is on the side of what will probably be named Interstate Highway 99.
The numerical assignment is not accurate as it violates the grid, that being:

Odd numbers run from south to north, lower odd numbers start in the west and the higher odd numbers end in the east. 
I-5 is in California through Washington state, I -95 is in Florida through Maine.

Even numbers run from west to east, lower even numbers start in the west and the higher even numbers end in the east.
I-10 is in California through Florida, I-90 Is in Washington state through Massachusetts.

Interstate Highway 99 violates the grid as it is situated between I-79 and I-81.
I would like to re-assign I-99 to I-67 at Morgantown, West Virginia at Interstate Highway 79.
Currently, Interstate Highway 68 is posted there.
I would piggyback I-67 onto I-68, There would be some notation in the posted distance suggesting that the actual starting mile of I-67 is in Indiana (although not constructed at this time).
Regardless, we need a developed Interstate Highway corridor from Morgantown, West Virginia to Plattsburgh, New York.
This would include, State College, PA, Williamsport, PA, Corning, NY, Ithaca, NY, Cortland, NY, Rome, NY and, Plattsburgh, NY.
In the recent years, we have seen a severe decline in transportation infrastructure development.
There is a need to develop transportation corridors to support economic development in non-developed regions.
In regions such as the Adirondack Mountains, there would be a minimal amount of  adjacent construction, this would enable significantly improved access to the popular region.

recorded by the Blue Öyster Cult in 1975 and 1976

-original thought I could express in writing-