July 13, 2012

Churning Sands Throughout Time

As the water churns, the small stones and rocks erode to produce sand and mud; I like the sand much more as my feet walk over it as compared to squishing in the mud.
My observations along the shore of Schoharie creek are mild.

The devastation of Hurricane Irene in 2011 is a stunning impact beyond words. At the locations that I have taken photographs, the creek bed has been washed clean, the rocks in the steam are completely devoid of mud.
By the same force of water, the village of  Prattsville, New York is in a continuous state of reconstruction, every building along the main street of New York State Route 23 in Prattsville has been gravely compromised; there are no longer front porches attached to the houses.

 'Always See Your Face' recorded by Love in 1969

 -there are no longer front porches attached to the houses-