July 16, 2014

Keep It Simple

Down here in Manassas sitting in a chair next to a window of a motel room,
  I realize that it is rather easy to be overextended in my free-time projects.
Truck driving has been for several months, my primary objective as I have strived to become more effective at my job;
it is very demanding of me.

It's one year after the advent of The Voorholes,
I needed a change of direction in my music that was fulfilled rather nicely here.
So far, three albums and two EP's have been realized.

 'Any Reason Not To Return Home'
The Voorholes
 From the album:
Meet The Voorholes! (2013-06)

Beside and around it all, I am better off walking some distance 
when the time presents itself in such a capacity to do so.
Sedimentary activity is no road of motivation to better recordings.

 'The Summer Song'
The Voorholes
From the album:
The Constant Sorrow of Gravity’s Downward Situation (2013-07)

The EP that I have been working on titled 'Morning Blue' was temporally released and I then pulled it within 24 hours because I didn't like it.
I know it is a fussy situation but, 
I thought I could do better to salvage the jam tracks by remixing and recording additional tracks.
Sometime later, 
A full album titled 'American Me' will be released.

 Alston Guitars - TC Semi-Hollow Mahogany Bolt On Electric Guitar Kit
This is my first guitar project from a kit.
Plenty of sanding.
Add stain and apply several coats of polyurethane; be patient in between coats.
Use a 75 watt soldering gun for the electrical connections.
A good sounding guitar.

It is so familiar to tell myself that with additional equipment,
I will produce better material; Time will tell.