July 2, 2014

I Speak To You From The Swimming Pool

Hot Humid Hours working in Virginia.
At about 14:00 hrs, I checked into the hotel and submersed myself into the swimming pool.
I brought the camera with me as I was in here for well over one hour.

Beneath the Waters of Manassas

 'Doo Moo Dally If II'
From the album:
Everyone's Sayin' (2012-11)

Transporters Are Not Toys
The Transporter used for this subject did not have the correct buffering sequence.
A energy differential from another energy pattern
that was directed to a near general area,
resulted in several types of distortion.
This distortion was reversed by plasma washing the re-energized energy pattern.
This is the same process as Bio-Tagging and cloning.

 'Transporter Theory'
MPK Production