May 17, 2014

The Call

Later into the evening, 
it is cooling down enough to write about anything over here.
It is very good to be 'back in the truck'; there is no shortage of work.
When I am home, 
I try to get outside and walk as far as I can because more than half of my life has passed;
I thought it would be a good idea to hold on to something.

I have to go to a funeral on Monday.
The nephew never had the call, 
he only wanted the house and a wall to shield his shame.
Now the nephew is the pastor of the church with great prejudice.
When his wife prays in front of all others, 
she always asks God why he would allow 
whatever situation she is in opposition to.
Sometimes..............I think I should answer them.

 ‘Prelude to A New Jersey Summer’
The Voorholes

There was a woman that I bravely wrote to and confided that I wanted to marry her.
Her reply was neither sweet nor near.
Lately, when I'm over the hill, 
I wonder why I have not seen my thoughts before.
My steps do not bounce from bewilderment, 
they simply carry me through another empty tournament.

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