May 21, 2014


Ocean City, Maryland and, Salisbury, Maryland are moderatly nice locations except,
I am working very hard offloading product from a frozen trailer with a handcart.
Twenty Fourteen has been a reasonable step up, I do what I am capable of with MPK Production.
I hate my limited ability to play the guitar, as a result of my output, I tend to wander back and fourth as I try to produce slightly different sound.
Sometimes and, especially in the case of The Voorholes, I will just play anything and move with it.
It generally works because there will be some unfamiliar passages that can be useful in originality.

‘A Thought I Just Had (Of You)’
The Voorholes

I'm one of those people that can simply walk into a room and upset people.
It's not quite a epitaph but, it mimics the complete disregard of feelings of others.
In reality, 
I often (when all is well) experience a overwhelming enthusiasm toward a few others and life overall.
I went to a funeral of a person that moved through life consistently 
and did make a difference onto others.

I have noticed that funerals are not what they used to be, 
apparently, no one wants to be bothered with details such as someone passing on.
Since I had much feeling in me about the deceased, 
I wanted to be there.
I brought my parents with me and to my surprise, 
we were presented with a procession flag so, 
we went to the cemetery to observe the burial.
Truly a suitable send off for a person that was cared for.

Anyhow, I wrote this song about the daughter of the deceased, 
the woman that I could upset simply by walking into a room.

Later in the afternoon, 
I walked up here just to burn off lunch and prove to myself that life does continue.
I dislike where I live and want to move elsewhere; it's impossible not to feel this way due to the distance and area that I regularly walk in.

The time continuum is unique when combined with emotion.

The working layover in Salisbury, MD.

‘A Refuge Without a Word’
The Voorholes

Strong black coffee with cream just plain feels good.