December 22, 2011

Holiday Stress

Greetings Everyone!!
  This has been a high stress season for me as I have been working long weeks up untill about one week ago.
Fifty hour weeks are not my idea of a smooth week, it is frustrating to lay in bed after four hours of sleep and not be able to get up to go outside and walk as I take photographs. Many days passed by in which I had to sleep as compared to being outside moving about.
As the new year approaches, I look forward to general time outside walking over a considerable distance weekly; I do hope this will be a reality.

  I continue to maintain several MySpace pages, recently I have noticed that all links that involve the display of a photograph posted on MySpace have been modified to not display a thumbnail image at all.
I can take a hint; the problem is that at one time I thought that MySpace was a better location compared to Facebook to upload and display photographs, I have over 50,000 photographs on MySpace.
I am thinking that I will upload a set of photographs now and then to my Facebook Photograph Page.
I don't see that MySpace is going to survive too many more transistions that affect the display of content.
The question in my mind is how much time do I have to build comparable content data bases elsewhere?
I am looking forward to deleting all of the MySpace pages that I have worked with but, I want to verify all of the content (50,000+ Photographs) has been posted elsewhere

Christmas can be lonely in spite of the fact that family members are nearby, there will be family dinners, gifts and, hours content spent discussing events of the year that we in some way had observed.
My mind is focused elsewhere, I am glad to be in good health and I do believe that there is always something to be achieved by the way of persistence and planning; not that I have a superb plan for the new year, I only am aware that I wish I did.
I wish I had reasonable plans for the future, 
the walking is very good overall.

I wish all of you a very pleasant Christmas, 
I shall do my best to uphold the Christmas cheer.