August 13, 2014

That Was It

It is a busy week. As I sit in a chair here in Manassas,VA.,
I will soon be driving and delivering product.
On Monday, I released a EP; this the first release in two months.
A new computer system is in development with eight TB (terabyte) of disc space and Windows 8.1 will be used in support of  a Sony Movie editing program.
I am going to try to produce more audio and improve on the quality of the supportive video.

I would like to set up equipment in the center of this blacktop island and
play hard.

 'Roadside Garden (Single Edit)'
 From the EP:
American Me (EP) (2014-08)

The EP was mostly recorded in 2014 but,
some of the 2012 blog video entries were used as well.
Much of the finalizing was done on other computers.

The future is a little rough.
Here and there, its better than before.