May 5, 2012

Where Will It Go?

As I sit here..........
I am sure you have noticed that many of my entries start off with 'As I sit here', it is mostly because an entry starting off with as I am walking along this road or as I am sitting behind the steering wheel could become part of the reconstruction of a accident investigation.
As I sit here at my desk,
 I spend much time compiling my photographs and video clips into some type of arrangement that I myself find appealing.
Occasionally, I write with the greatest of controversy in mind, as I intend to inflict attention to the subject of interest. Mostly, I simply want to convey vivid imagery of a recorded song or express some type of sentiment in reflection of a historical event or perhaps a scientific understanding.

Much of the video clips that I acquire are from the same general locations. Occasionally, I will walk through my village of Endicott, NY and record a small amount of data. I generally do not like to spend too much time in populated areas where people will turn up in my videos.

 'Billy Breathes' recorded by Phish in 1996

On this overcast and raining day, I stopped only for a few minutes at the  
Rondout Reservoir in Ulster County, New York State.

 (2012-05) Former Site of Montela at Rondout Reservoir

 (2012-05-02) The Distance Without Too Many Photographs

 (2012-05-03) Humid Thursday

-perhaps a scientific understanding-