April 21, 2012

Reduced Hours In Setting (Abandoned Power Plant)

I had to work during this pleasantly bright warm Friday.
After work, I went to the Susquehanna river at the AES Westover Generation Plant.
The power plant is abandoned however, this is one of the more scenic locations in the immediate area.
I arrived at about 18:40 and, I was able to work both sides of the river; the sunset occurred on the Westover (power plant) side of the river.
At this time, the Susquehanna River is at a all time low water level since 1910.
Although, the river is always to be considered dangerous, I did enjoy being up close to the running water as I photographed it.
The rail road bridge in the photographs is also abandoned.
Indeed, this is a sizable amount of infrastructure to walk away from!
The generating stations (power plants) at Big Flats, NY and Bainbridge, NY have also been abandoned.
Some attempt is made to describe them as inactive with the potential of being restored if needed.

'Warm Self Sacrifice' recorded by Emitt Rhodes in 1973

When I was about eleven years old, I lived on Grand Island, NY.
Technically, we lived closer to the city of Niagara Falls, NY than the city of Buffalo, NY.
My family was not wealthy by any means of the imagination but, we sometimes had a small amount of money to spend here and there.
Over on Military Road in Niagara Falls, a department store was going out of business and there was a very large tent sale in the parking lot.
The area of interest that occupied well over one hour of my time was,
 a large assortment of many thousands of LP's.
The price was right at 12 for $1.oo.
Mom bought me $5.oo of LP's!

 Farewell to Paradise (1973) by Emitt Rhodes
was one of the dozens of LP's that I brought home and discovered.
Basically, the albums were the 'not as popular' inventory.
Fundamentally, I embarked on a excursion that would broaden my musical horizons.

Today, on this Friday, I finally applied imagery to the song
'Warm Self Sacrifice'.
It is now 34 years since I first heard this song.

"a excursion that would broaden my musical horizons"