March 24, 2012

The Warm Sky

I do not remember such a great week of warmth in the month of March.

'Pretty Ballerina' recorded by The Left Banke in 1966

The weather was to great to be indoors last Thursday. After work.
I went outside with a camera, I was able to acquire a reasonable amount of photographs.
Amazingly, for a March 22nd, it was over 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
I now am very tan as it was a sizable ambition of mine to walk 80 miles, I achieved it in six days.
The advantage is that I can stay slim as long as I eat intelligently, I get photographs and, I was in moderate to strong sunlight for about 70% of the time.
I am actually very pleased to  be fully tan in March; 
who would have thought such a possibility could occur?
Does the temperature have anything to do with the solar flare on March eighth?
 Anyhow, as I walk, I will think about almost anything, 
it allows me a excellent opportunity to plan structured activities.
I certainly enjoy the artistic side of life, on this Thursday, I am tired but so intrigued by the weather.

Shadows of hours past dance in my mind, I relive moments of flowing water that does carry me through deep valleys the sun beats down on me, I endure each step as I force memories into core moments of truth that I wish to build upon. 

Usually when I am walking, it is a somewhat consistent endeavor requiring a even amount of exertion; on this day, it was not. My thoughts may have been vivid however, I was very much working at a higher than usual level of endurance.

(2012-03-22) The Warm Sky: Set One

(2012-03-22) The Warm Sky: Set Two

'Daisy Jane' recorded by America in 1975

In the last video featuring the band 'America', 
I neglected to mention that Dan Peek 1950-2011
had passed on.

I have an abundance of photographs that were taken during layovers as a truck driver, 
I often had a considerable amount of time on my hands.
Early 2009, is my kickoff for digital photography.
Previously, I had worked with 35mm film heavily from 1995-1997.
I eventually would like to scan the negatives and, all of one set of slides.